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MicroTechnologies – Our Success Story

Micro Technologies was founded in 1971 as Micro Chemical by Bill Pratt. Bill recognized a need for revolutionary technology within the feedlot industry—a spark that fueled 46 years of continued innovation.

  • Micro Technologies caters to the needs of the feed yard industry by providing an integrated feed yard management solution: Accu – Track Application.
  • The desktop based application provides integrated tracking of feed, health, and animal data for inventory management at feed yards around the country. The system may be cloud hosted or on-premise. Accu-Trac has a browser-based user interface but is not well optimized for mobile devices in several key areas. The Accu-Trac Mobile project is intended to fill these gaps with device enabled functionality.
  • Domain: Animal Management

Xpanxion collaborated with MicroTechnologies on:

  • Developed a new mobile application that parallels to the existing desktop application that effectively communicates with the existing API to fetch animal data & enable easy data access/update via mobile interface.
  • Developed utilities to fetch real-time animal data like animal id, diagnosis, health status, weight, drugs medicated, inventory management, pen details, etc. The application is developed to function for multiple locations.
  • Developed a utility that called Yard Sheet that provides the live status of each animal based on lot assigned.
  • Call feed provides a detailed graphical view of the animal data showing various metrics about their health, Lot assigned, location, fed status, etc.
  • Custom configured filter settings and column visibility.
  • The entire system is flexible and can be configured as required.
  • The mobile application is developed on hybrid platform using Ionic framework (HTML5 mobile app development framework).
  • Application is built using PhoneGap. PhoneGap build gets app-store ready apps without the headache of maintaining native SDKs.
  • App works over low bandwidth networks such as cellular 3g/4g in remote areas & has offline capability.
  • Utilized mobile device functions such as GPS data and image capture to improve user experience.
  • Increased footprint of Accu-Trac access and availability over a variety of networks.
  • The application is easily accessible in rural areas.
  • Easy animal data management in multiple locations.

Login Page

Location Details Page -> To Add new location

Home Page

Yard Sheet

Yard sheet Details page

Yard sheet Filter functionality

Yard sheet Column configuration

Special Pen Inventory

Special Pen inventory Column configuration

Animal Search

Animal Details fetched based on the searched id

Call Feed Route

Call Feed : Single Route

Call Feed : Multiple Routes

Call Feed Route – Pen List

Call Feed Screen

Call Feed : Graph Section

Section 2 Graph as per configuration set

Call Feed : Header Section

Section 1 [Pen-Lot-Head-Sex-Phase]

Statistical Data “As Fed/Head”

Statistical Data
“Dry Matter Fed/Head”

Call Feed : Call/Hd DM/hd calculation

Section 3 : Calculation of Total call, Call/hd
,Dm/hd , Qty Fed And Qty Left

“As Fed/Head”

“Dry Matter Fed/Head”