In an increasingly connected world, Xpanxion collaborates to create actionable business goals from customer feedback, and drive digital transformation and business model innovation that results in quick-to-market solutions for your organization.

Experience design, product and service development, and assurance services come together to enhance customer engagement and, ultimately, drive business success.


  • Mobile – native, hybrid and cross-platform development for mobile technologies
  • DevOps – software development and operation services
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – automation of computer services and business processes
  • Cloud – migration, solutions architecture and development of digital products and services

Success Stories

Xpanxion Customer - Crawford

Crawford saw the results of Xpanxion’s efforts much sooner due to the benefits of implementing a cloud solution that saved months before development had even begun, expediting time to market.

The world-leading provider of claims management solutions brought in Xpanxion to create an open marketplace application for clients to find providers to handle claims as needed, with a rapid time-to-market goal.

Result: A lean and efficient project foundation based on the removal of infrastructure, the use of pre-existing services and the quick creation of additional environments – all a result of using the cloud.


Xpanxion Customer - Ferguson

Selected for its expertise in business intelligence processes and its domestic presence, Xpanxion successfully delivered a daily dashboard, the first milestone, to Ferguson, to provide key insights to the organization’s decision-makers.

The largest distributor of commercial and residential plumbing supplies, pipes, valves, and fittings in the United States appointed Xpanxion to appropriately analyze data and use the information to improve various business functions and processes.

Result: Xpanxion continues to support Ferguson to reach milestones that drive business value, through the improvement of security and testing processes.

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