User experience design is greater than aesthetics. In our fast-paced digital world it has become a leading light in ensuring that organizations create relevant and authentic experiences for their customers, through purposeful design.

Across new and improving platforms and products, usability, accessibility and satisfaction are at the forefront of this design process. Informed by consumer insights, Xpanxion partners with your brand to ensure excellent customer experiences are delivered across the entire customer journey, through best-in-class design and prototyping.

Xpanxion takes a hands-on approach and places the customer front-and-center of the business to define seamless journeys across all channels and platforms, to ensure that your customers’ interactions with your brand, across all touchpoints, are as effective and powerful as the technology that drives them.


  • Ideation – customer insight research and conceptualization
  • Design – user experience and user interface design
  • Prototyping – innovation labs to explore minimum viable product (MVP) and minimum viable experience (MVE)


In addition to the services we offer, we have also partnered with our parent company UST Global to bring you INNOVATION PODS, which help you turn an idea into an MVC (minimum viable concept) and then an MVP (minimum viable product) quickly and efficiently. Learn more.

Success Stories

Xpanxion Customer - ESM Solutions

ESM added around 24 new customers and secured a Top Product for 2015 award within a short period of engaging Xpanxion.

The leading e-procurement solutions provider brought in Xpanxion to offer counsel, quality services and technical acumen, to drive the vision, scope and execution of the organization’s next-generation products.

The result: Xpanxion was engaged to work on a second product line following its proven efficiency with over 90 successful sprints.


Xpanxion Customer - Inpriva

Xpanxion created a new portal for Inpriva to effectively track patient health data and enable all medical contributors to collaborate on any individual patient’s records and improve overall care.

The healthcare information software company worked with Xpanxion, using its Cross-Sourcing™ model, to successfully deliver the required functionality, by focusing on prototyping deadlines and long-term product needs.

The result: Xpanxion was engaged to continue the project, taking on further enhancements of the prototype.

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