SmartOps is an intelligent process automation platform that delivers end-to-end business outcomes using low-code solutions.


Improvement in mean time to resolve (MTTR) for a leading retailer's IT helpdesk operation


Reduction in health plan configuration effort for a health insurer


Reduction in invoice processing costs for world-leading truck manufacturer

UST SmartOps

This business-led technology platform uses AI to learn, act, and optimize inventory processes and enhance operations. SmartOps was designed to integrate and work seamlessly with a vast array of technology to drive results. s SmartOps has proven successful in a variety of industries:

  • Financial Services - Upsell Real-Time
  • Healthcare - Patient Engagement Transcription and Contextualization
  • Retail - Customer Care
  • Supply Chain Logistics - Delivery Adjustments
  • Insurance - Customer Retention

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