Qubz is OLAP technology that is built for Big Data. Traditional OLAP technologies do not meet the demands of seriously large volumes of data, consequently limiting the insights enterprises can derive. Qubz lowers time to insights and expedites time to value for organizations of all sizes.

Improve Efficiency

Large data focused organizations often struggle with the complex data engineering that is required in transforming data into a form suitable for analytics. Through a drag and drop UI, Qubz simplifies the most complex data preparation tasks into a few clicks. Qubz lets users develop star and snowflake schemas on a Hadoop-based data lake for example, without moving the data out of the Hadoop ecosystem.

Connect Seamlessly

Most big data storage systems on the cloud, or even on-premises homegrown solutions, don’t offer seamless connectivity to dashboarding and reporting systems or interactive query capability. Qubz provides ODBC, JDBC and REST API connectors that make it a breeze to connect the BI tool of your choice to Qubz. You can continue to use your reporting tool of choice, scaled for the volumes associated with Big Data.

Scale Performance

Most Big Data systems make heavy use of precious resources, such as memory, to scale. Qubz doesn’t. The MOLAP nature of Qubz lets you run large processing workloads once and leverage repeatedly. You never have to worry about unplanned usage spikes. Build once, use whenever and how many ever times you see fit, without worrying about scalable performance.