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User Experience Design

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User Experience Design

Concept Studio

    Digital product design

    Xpanxion’s product design provides the best digital experience that brings ideas to life and delights the customers.

    Product Redesign

    Xpanxion helps the enterprise to identify key issues and upgrade the product with new and innovative design ideas.

    Visual design

    Xpanxion’s visual design team offers professional, intuitive, user-friendly and visually stunning digital products and solutions.

MVP Design


    Our team understands the product and uses innovative and creative ideas to make a product more user-friendly and industry-ready.


    Xpanxion’s MVP design team focuses on defining the problem statement and providing the best customer experience.


    Based on ideation, design processes are customized as per client needs.


    Xpanxion gives you a personalized experience, including voice as an interface to simplify authentication.

    Assets for development

    Gesture usage, Multi-Device experiences, wearables, Navigation 2.0 – Bottom Navigation.


    We extensively test existing and new products to enhance the user experience and reduce pain points.

Reimagine UX

    Successful product experience

    Reduce redundant development cost, decrease the drop-off rate and increase the conversion rate to give a successful product experience to the users.

    Systematically engineered

    UX experts and creative artists convert user's pain points to bliss points and ensure that user experience goals meet client business goals.

    Customized UX as per SDLC

    Xpanxion’s end-to-end UX solutions and partnering models help in the designing process according to client needs, which complement the SDLC.

Conversational Design

    End to end user solutions

    Partnering models are used for UX solutions to remove any pain points and create smoothly functioning products.

    Partner model

    Partner models are based on the evolved design experience.

    Re-design services

    Our team works towards updating the product with new design ideas and focuses on improving the user experience with world-class innovation and expertise.

Design for Happiness

    Human Centered

    Our team offers unparalleled understanding of consumers and focuses on human-centered design.

    Observation in context using limbic tools

    Xpanxion’s limbic tools help in understanding the deeper need of design as well as reasons to change the existing design.

    Activities, pain point and workarounds

    Xpanxion’s exclusive team of anthropologists and emotive design researchers work on understanding the changes, identifying pain points and providing user-friendly design with the use of a Workflow & Tools ecosystem.

    Goal orientation and functional needs

    Goal orientation and dilemmas across micro-moments using holistic journey map.

    Usability and usefulness Evaluation

    Our experts focus on rapid prototyping and understanding the usefulness of the product to end users and the client.

Case Studies

Xpanxion partnered with one of the leading US-based healthcare services to help in displaying critical health indication through data visualization, thus achieving 35% product efficiency.
One of the leading Drug Offender Tracking providers for juveniles partnered with Xpanxion to design an effective monitoring and trafficking system, delivering 30% increase in the efficient contextual actions and 100% accuracy in the maps being used as evidences in the courts.
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