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Applied AI

    End to end process automation

    To effectively address the challenges of toolchain integration, you need a meta-platform to compose, provision, operate and visualize integrated service delivery across the plan-to-operate lifecycle. Xpanxion’s end-to-end process framework helps enterprises to achieve that in an agile manner.

    Ease up manual processing

    Xpanxion’s applied AI simplifies the manual way of handling processes and helps reduce project cost.

    Increase profitability

    Xpanxion’s solutions help enterprises to become automated and responsive, leading to reduced expenditure and increased profitability.

Tech Transformation

    Automated Process

    Xpanxion’s Product Engineering framework helps in establishing a streamlined approach to the automation process.

    Agile frameworks

    Xpanxion’s Product Engineering framework ensures that all stakeholders and delivery points are aligned with the problem statements and solutions.

    Transformative engineering

    Xpanxion’s Process framework, Delivery Governance framework and team model helps enterprises to achieve transformation solutions for their engineering processes.

    Outcome Engineering Framework

    Xpanxion’s Outcome Engineering framework helps in delivering excellence on all fronts. We design simple, smart, platform-based industry-ready solutions. Our Outcome Engineering framework helps in accelerating enterprise outcome by 30%. The ‘Guaranteed Outcome’ approach leverages the best of building blocks for excellent results.

Sustenance Engineering

    Network/Security Operations Center

    Xpanxion’s network solutions and Security Operation centers helps in QMMI assessment, security assurance and API assurance.

    L1/L2/L3 24 X 7 Support

    Xpanxion’s process framework and services help enterprises to be ready and alert at all times.

    ITSM/ITIL based best practices

    Xpanxion’s frameworks follow objectives and cycles to ensure that enterprises are IT and future ready.

Scalable Digital experience

    Integrated services

    Using digital services, Xpanxion provides converged and integrated services to enterprises, improving scalability, availability and operational efficiency.

    Enterprise AI

    Organizations can now have embedded AI methodology at the core and in-data governance strategy.

    Integrated connected solutions

    Integrated and seamless solutions lead the Agile adaptation process for remarkable efficiency and output.

Product lifecycle management

    Hypothesis valuation

    Xpanxion uses the concept of lean startup to build a product with minimal cost and time, using the MVC framework.

    Early Rollout

    Use of DevOps helps in the development of new products with minimum investment of time. The process is agile and futuristic.

    Product Maturity

    Our product team focuses on introducing new features with strategic planning and analysis. With each version of a product, Xpanxion improves and enhances its key features for maximum output.

    Product Sustainability

    Maintaining the process and improve the product components during beta, gamma and final release of the product. Xpanxion focuses on building and testing a product to make sure that the product can sustain.

    Transform and Scale

    Xpanxion works on the existing product model and transforms the existing model by re-engineering the components. Xpanxion’s agile framework helps in transforming the product with maximum scalability.

Data Transformation

  • Data Lakes-Data ingestion, cleansing and transformation through OLAP cubes.
  • Data transformation services – Provide high scalability through data hubs and data marts.
  • High-level Cloud Infrastructure solution – Helps in adopting the transformative solution by making data management processes more effective.

Data Orchestration

  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Xpanxion helps an enterprise to adopt cloud services like on-premise cloud, third party cloud integration and private cloud integration services.

  • Xpanxion orchestrates the data to synchronize it in real-time, leading to superior performance and process improvement.
  • Data orchestration uses a single data layer to provide transformative solutions that are data-driven, based on analytical processing.
  • Data orchestration and visualization help in gathering all the real-time data that an enterprise can collect through every possible medium. Xpanxion uses an orchestration platform to channel this data and remarkably improve your business outcome.

Deep Insights

    Actionable Insights

    Sifting through mountains of data and bringing in real value, which is actionable insight.

    Visualizing and automating data

    Xpanxion uses self-service based reports and intuitive visualization for an enhanced user experience.

    Network optimization

    Xpanxion’s network optimization helps in cloud integration and migration of cloud services.

    Predictive Analytics

    Xpanxion’s advanced analytics help enterprises to understand the project outcome and assess the services that are being offered.

    Preemptive Analytics

    Xpanxion’s Preemptive Analytics model helps enterprises to understand project shortcomings, outcomes and what can and should be done.


    Define outliers

    Break down silos; manage data seamlessly through a hybrid Cloud Strategy

    Intuitive visualization

    Intuitive visualization helps in getting a far better user experience at all levels.

    Service management dashboards

    Service dashboard provides eProcurement supplier management and contract management to help enterprises achieve the finest solutions for procurement, supplier and contract management.

Case Studies

Xpanxion helped a leading British multinational hotel reservation system with more than 20 centers achieve 1.5 billion USD as revenue.
A reputed law firm providing claim management and settlement solutions achieved 500% faster claiming processing and 250% cost savings with Xpanxion’s services.
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