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Digital Next

Purposeful AI

    Cognitive Services
    • Gives recommendations for efficient and informed decision making.
    • Assists in recognizing, visualizing pictures or ledgers.
    • Conversion of voices and speaker recognition
    • Natural Language processing.
    • Search APIs.

    Machine Learning
    • Helps in accelerating the end-to-end machine learning lifecycle
    • Simplifies machine learning with a powerful no-code environment, automated machine learning capabilities and open source support.
    • Integrates existing dev ops with the machine learning lifecycle.
    • Deployment ready from cloud to edge.
    • Helps with enterprise ready security, control and governance standards

    Computer Vision and Advanced Image Processing
    • Document validation and verification.
    • Real-time object detection and tracking.
    • Human anatomy pose and expression detection.
    • Machine vision in assembly line automation.
    • Augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality.
    • Image matching.

    Human to Machine and Machine to Machine Conversational Solutions
    • Interactive Chatbots.
    • Digital Assistants.

Blockchain Transformation

  • Deploy fully managed Blockchain networks in cloud.
  • Simplifies development.
  • Open and extensible design .
  • Offloads network management .
  • Governs at scale with governance policy and consortia management.

Robotic Process Automation


    Xpanxion’s dedicated RPA framework helps in defining vision and the target operating model. It also establishes governance, a demand pipeline and support model for enterprises.

    Process Compression

    Xpanxion offers RPA services that help in transforming the operational processes. Xpanxion helps enterprises to achieve process digitization with RPA. This helps with automation and eventually leads to a very agile process outcome.

    Virtual Workforce

    With virtualization, enterprises can achieve and adopt a workforce that helps in staff enablement by virtualization of workspace working anything, anywhere.


    DevOps Adoption

    Xpanxion’s DevOps metrics help enterprises to adopt the DevOps ecosystem. This, in turn, improves deployment speed and outcome. Xpanxion helps enterprises to adapt and remove barriers between teams in silos, development and operations.

    Infrastructure as a code

    Cloud first approach reduces time to market, increases uptime and availability, resulting in significant cost savings.

    Monitoring and logging

    Xpanxion’s monitoring and logging system helps in unifying all facets of log data processing: collecting, filtering, buffering and data output.

    CI/CD Directives/Pipeline- EdgeOps

    End-to-end CI/CD pipeline and DevOps orchestration with DPods at Enterprise, Portfolio and Product Level.



    Implementation of native iOS, Android, and Windows applications that are optimized for your target platform.


    Xpanxion’s hybrid capability helps in building solutions that are cross-platform agnostic. The hybrid capability helps in building solutions with the usability of device APIs, reducing maintenance cost.

    Xamarin (Cross-Platform Solutions)

    Xpanxion’s cross-platform solution provides native features like UI, OS-specific code writing, online and offline. Xpanxion’s existing skilled developers use Xamarin to build cross-platform solutions agnostic to both IOS and android, which deliver faster time to market.

    PWA (Progressive web app)

    Xpanxion’s progressive web applications capability helps in increasing engagement, providing work reliability and facilitating a quick response to user interaction with animated application services.

Digital Integration Economy

    On the cloud services

    Xpanxion’s integrated platform runs on cloud services that enable deployment of processes for optimum performance, security and resilience through the digital journey.

    Business Process Management

    Xpanxion helps in putting customers at the center of growth with automation of repetitive human tasks, content management, process workflows, data capture and business decisions.

    Application Interface Management

    Define your customer-specific API first journey, develop a framework for legacy modernization and configure API policies and proxy.

    Hybrid Integration platform

    Xpanxion’s integration platform helps in integrating enterprise data, applications and services to adapt according to the new business model in today’s digital market.

Case Studies

Xpanxion worked with UST as a tech partner for their Athena platform to develop a grounds-up architecture using design thinking, lean startup, and agile methodology to build a hybrid multi-cloud orchestration platform with provisioning, monitoring and billing features.
Xpanxion helped one of the leading American elevator companies to achieve an exceptional efficiency of 25% by developing a cross platform mobile app for their field engineers.
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