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Connected World

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Connected World

Digital Twin

    Contextual IoT Solutions

    Platform and service based IoT solutions help in providing context-based solutions.

    Automate Actions

    Our proficiency includes automation of the transaction process, virtual representation of physical assets and preparation of digital models with IoT solutions.

    Scale up business

    Reduce costs with our virtual asset solutions and completely digital processes that work without manual intervention.

    Simple digital twin solutions

    This feature helps clients to have contextually aware, easily deployable digital twin solutions.

IoT Governance

    Security Analysis

    Xpanxion can develop a comprehensive technology strategy to address complexity, defining the IoT governance policies and reference architecture.

    Risk Assessment

    Our expertise includes risk assessment and mitigation of risk components in the IoT ecosystem.

    Business Analysis

    Our team understands and delivering the business value proposition based on the IoT framework in place.

    Best practice compliance

    Xpanxion makes the IoT system compliance-ready and ensures that the policy framework is in place.

Preventive Analytics

    Reduced cost

    Using preventive analytics, Xpanxion helps organizations to cut the high costs of service deployment by making their processes agile.

    Efficient operation

    Our analytical solutions and frameworks help enterprises to enhance operational efficiency and highlight areas of improvement.

    Instant data processing

    Preventive analytics solutions help in real-time data processing. This results in increased efficiency within the services or solutions for which the analytical platform is used.

Connected Secure Assets

    Secure connecting assets

    Defining and deployment of operational security practices as well as security development lifecycle at place.

    Secure Data

    Managing the security framework in the IoT ecosystem for the highest security of enterprise data.

    Service monitoring for differentiated customer service

    Detecting vulnerabilities in the system and making sure that the monitoring system is working at all times.

Case Studies

Xpanxion’s proficient team designed an IoT specific analytics platform for one of the leading electricity, natural gas and energy services providers, deriving data from 6 million+ meters and achieving cost savings of 35%.
We built an intelligent IoT network for one of the largest global manufacturing services, thereby achieving 80% automation and increased 50% time-to-market.