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Business Assurance

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Business Assurance

QA for Business Assurance

    Business Assurance

    Xpanxion’s Test Advisory services perform user acceptance testing and business assurance testing to ensure optimum quality and speed.

    Experience Assurance

    Our Performance Engineering team has expertise in crowd-sourced testing and user experience testing for functional monitoring.

    Digital Assurance

    Service virtualization powered by AI & Analytics helps in performing highly efficient IoT testing, mobile testing, cloud enablement testing and big data and analytics testing. This feature helps enterprises to be digital-ready with continuous monitoring.

Automation Excellence

    Automation Accelerator

    Essential agile and DevOps solutions help the automation framework to work at an accelerated speed. Our AI-powered test platform helps in achieving the acceleration.

    Faster TTM

    Because of the strategic value that automation brings to the table, Xpanxion helps enterprises to achieve faster time to market consistently.

    Return On Investment

    Xpanxion invests heavily in futuristic technology and innovations such as AI-powered platforms and sophisticated test execution environments to maintain consistency.

Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE)

    Testing as a service

    Xpanxion’s test governance framework (TCOE) focuses on end-to-end testing process assets and quality management processes. TCOE offers testing as a service, providing specialized testing like cloud migration testing, ERP implementation and validation. TCoE also provides test automation and optimization, performance testing and mobile testing under its service model.

    7 Vector Matrix

    Xpanxion provides world-class solutions for assessing digital assurance maturity of an enterprise, covering 24 vital processes and 86 practice areas. The 7-vector matrix works as a navigator for setting up TCoE by defining an implementation roadmap.

Managed QA

Team structure recommendations
  • Planning runway team:
    Lead test architect embedded – reviewing plans for testability, completeness, accuracy; providing testing estimate and perspectives.
  • Test architect team:
    Responsible for new tool implementation and integration; overall testing approach, processes and best practices; core framework build-out and team mentorship.
  • Centralized Testing team:
    Centralized Testing team: Centralized teams like the performance and security teams will be responsible for final sign- off in their respective areas.
    Test Maturity Model
    • As part of internal testing, the development team performs testing and as an outcome, figures out the risks that an enterprise is facing.
    • The test maturity model helps in staff augmentation by reviewing the client resources and their processes. Test maturity model uses metrics to monitor the status. Staff augmentation helps in ad-hoc automation adoption.
    • Xpanxion’s structured test team uses predictive modeling for planned automation and re-usability.
    • Test maturity model helps in dynamic resource optimization and continuous performance improvements. This, in turn, leads to enhanced process capability and governance.

    Shift-left approach

    The shift-left approach by Xpanxion helps in the adoption of automation in both the Agile environment and DevOps. This innovative approach greatly facilitates automation testing, using cloud service.

    Engagement timeline
    • In phase 0, the focus is on proposals; identification and analysis of pain points.
    • In phase 1, the engagement team focuses on test planning and test case designs.
    • Finally, in phases 2 and 3, the team focuses on implementing the automation framework and continuous evaluation to improve the process.

Non-functional assurances

    Performance Testing

    Xpanxion’s performance testing capability facilitates incubation, benchmarking, identification of load patterns and establishment of baselines. Performance testing helps in measuring stability, scalability, reliability and resource usage.

    Secure Test Driven Development

    Xpanxion’s in-house framework XZAP can expose sensitive data, find vulnerabilities and provide security to the overall system.

    Accessibility Testing

    Xpanxion’s in-house framework “Xpanxion Accessibility COP & Layout Bug Detector Accelerator” is compliant with WACG 2.0 and comprises a team with vast experience in accessibility and internalization testing.

    Synthetic Test Data Generation and Management

    Xpanxion’s load testing, stress testing, and spike testing system helps in leveraging synthetic data to implement intelligent reporting and monitoring of the platform.

    End User Page Performance

    Our experienced Quality Engineering Services team offers continuous test advisory services, focused on delivering value to the consumer.

Case Studies

Xpanxion partnered with one of the leading health insurance companies to provide them with an Enterprise Test Automation platform, helping the company to improve their quality release production by a considerable 28%.
Xpanxion helped one of the leading weather channel apps to automate the native app by extending the agnostic framework for native-mobile automation and eventually achieved faster TTM by 30%.
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