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Xpanxion Implements New ERP System in Record Time 

Posted September 23, 2021 in Press Releases

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New ERP System Makes Work Easier, Faster, and More Connected 

An energy solutions company provides state-of-the-art hydraulic fracturing technology to upstream oil and gas companies to explore and produce North American oil and natural gas resources. This company recently launched its new solution as the first fleet to use 100 percent natural gas to complete fracturing. Providing its clients with exceptional value to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve operational economics.  

The energy solutions company needed to enable a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to gather all its business processes for real-time access to its finance and operations and integrate across departments. This included order processing and purchasing, inventory and revenue tracking, supply chain management, accounts payables, accounts receivables, etc. — all in a single workflow. 

The company needed an out-of-the-box, yet flexible and robust ERP system fully operational in 60 days. (A typical ERP system implementation takes 6 months to 2 years.) 

After assessing the clients’ workflows, business processes, best practices, and specific needs, Xpanxion recommended the modern cloud-based ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Finance & Operations.  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 lets employees collaborate through a central database to streamline multiple business processes and activities companywide. Integrating with other Microsoft products, such as Outlook, Skype for Business, and OneNote, Microsoft Dynamics ERP apps look and feel like Microsoft Office products, giving users a familiar, intuitive interface. 

Xpanxion identified the following key drivers and capabilities within Microsoft Dynamics 365 to meet the energy solutions company's specific ERP needs: 

They helped manage the cloud, their Microsoft resources, and tools. They automated the workplace -- eliminated multiple data entries into disparate systems and streamlined the entire finance and operations business processes. Once that was done, they provided live access to all financial reports, outcome forecasting, Business Intelligence (BI) and inventory data. 

Then they seamlessly integrated third-party apps and agility features to support today’s data transformation needs. 

With Microsoft Dynamics, Xpanxion integrated the new ERP system with the client's field service data to let field employees access company information and data. This helped them make better decisions and provide the best service possible. Xpanxion also integrated the ERP system with the client's BI system to give them a better view into BI reporting. 

Sales improved and worker productivity, inventory accuracy and operational were more efficient. 

Soon after the successful setup and enabling of Microsoft Dynamics 365, this company awarded Xpanxion a 3-year contract to support, manage, and develop the existing ERP environment.  


  • Implement the new ERP system in record time - just under 60 days 
  • Integrate the ERP system with field service data 
  • With better integration, accelerate company processes, improve productivity. and reduce operational costs 
  • Increase productivity with access to real-time data for sales and inventory tracking, along with data export for Business Intelligence (BI) reporting 
  • Manage real-time inventory and sales data 
  • Automate processes and visibility into business insights and operations 

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