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ADA Compliance for Global Payments Company Leans on Xpanxion to Automate Accessibility Testing

Posted August 26, 2021 in Press Releases

A leading global payments company in the middle of migrating their business processes, software, and products to the AWS cloud, discovered they were missing a critical component. To stay ADA compliant, they needed their websites and e-commerce products tested to ensure accessibility to people with disabilities.

The company provides businesses with technology required to accept customer payments. The organization has a unique platform that is common across the world, making business payment systems quick, easy, and secure.

15% of the world’s population experiences some form of disability, making ADA compliance critical. Accessibility testing for software is often done manually, resulting in business losses and, in some cases, even lawsuits when sites are not ADA compliant. Additionally, it can cost 100 times more to fix an accessibility defect in the production environment that was overlooked in the design phase. To effectively automate accessibility testing, it needs to be an integral part of the company’s development process, starting with design.

The company’s accessibility testing tools required automation to enable faster react times and quick adherence to legislative changes, identifying issues earlier and with greater efficiency during an accelerated release cycle.

The company was using a Selenium testing framework for automation. However, Selenium does not support ADA testing. Lacking the internal resources and subject-matter expertise to automate the ADA testing processes, their cloud migration slowly ground to a halt.

Xpanxion’s team combined our expertise in automation, QA, and Agile software development to design a proof of concept and rapid prototype to validate the automation of accessibility testing. The proof of concept included the tight integration of the client’s existing Selenium testing automation framework with Deque axe DevTools, a tool designed for ADA testing, but which is not automated.

With Xpanxion’s expertise and the open-sourced framework of Selenium, we were able to integrate these systems into a single automated solution saving significant time and reducing the overall project budget by 35%.

After delivering the solution to our client's internal QA testing team, Xpanxion was invited to lead an extensive course on behavior-driven development (BDD). BDD is a software development process for coordinating developers and QA testers through a software project. Attendees learned techniques, advantages and received hands-on training to ensure the internal QA team could adopt BDD processes and automation styles for their projects.

With a variety of testing processes, Xpanxion helped coordinate teams through the development of regression testing to determine if minor code changes affected existing functions of the code. The effort resulted in significant cost reduction by eliminating most manual testing by integrating and combining automation processes to accessibility, smoke, and regression testing.

See the full case study here. 


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