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What is New in Microsoft Dynamics 365, Part 1

Posted November 18, 2021 in News

Written by John Shea III, Xpanxion Technical Writer

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Wave 1 Release Brings More Features to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 User 

In this article, we’ll cover the Microsoft Dynamics 365 10 main applications and 8 sub-applications in the Wave 1 release. We’ve listed these below and will tell you what’s new in each. 

Finance and Operations 


Based on predictive results, provide a cash flow view for public previews with automation. Use machine learning to predict payments and forecast the budget based on actual accounts payable, accounts receivable, project transactions, and predicted outcomes.  

Supply Chain Management 

Expand inventory and logistics sample examples for inventory on hand. Use Asset Management to bill for maintenance work. Manufacturing can run scale units in the cloud to run critical processes without interruption. 

Project Operation 

Forecast, use, and invoice non-stocked materials. Arrange billing methods and charging rules by task or work breakdown schedule (WBS). Service Automation users can upgrade to Project Operations. 


Focus on intelligent workflows. Use captured data with HoloLens and AI innovations to confirm results faster and simpler. Complete time entities to help customers build Power Automate flows to support their business needs. 

Customer Insights 

Audience Insights 

Understand customer data for smart insights and actions. Customize the customer view, add more connections for data intake and processing, and provide more control over AI-based unification. Let marketing, sales, and service professionals push personal engagements across multiple channels. 

Engagement Insights 

Have individual and holistic interactive analytics over the web, mobile, and connected products the customer uses. 


Create content with a point-and-click interface, more personal emails, target AI-generated segments of your customers with recent interactions and how often they did interact. Figure out how to make money from targeted high- churn risk of high- value customers. 

You can use more ways to communicate to contact customers with the right messages. Create emails quickly using the new editor. Use AI to tag your digital assets to a new central library, to select and deliver the best image, video, document, or fragment for your message. Create and send text messages to any mobile phone and deliver push notices to any Android or iOS app. 

Improve your business goals with built-in Analytics’ dashboards. Monitor your customers and channel KPIs. Set a business goal and measure its progress. 


Save time and focus on selling. Have customer information at hand. Make the mobile experience more enjoyable for sellers on the go. 

Customer Voice 

Collect feedback with prefilled selectable answers. Have file upload support, drill down questions and custom survey headers. You can pause and resume a survey if you want to complete the survey on a different device. Send automated survey reminders for those who haven’t filled one out. Create follow-up action workflows with the Power Automate survey response trigger. 


Customer Service 

Route in multiple channels to provide information to your contact center. 

Field Service 

Self-schedule service and rate technicians. 


For unified merchandising and site management, integrate B2B and B2C e-commerce in a single Commerce solution. Expand Bing’s capabilities for product searches and customer service and give more power to virtual agents. Help unify before and after purchase examples. 

Human Resources 

For benefit notifications and summary of benefits, integrate APIs and strategic partnerships. 

Fraud Protection 

To improve fraud protection, add behavioral and mobile fingerprinting. 


Business Central simplifies and improves partner administer tenants and how administrators manage licensing and permissions. Integrate with Microsoft Teams. For more expansions, add country and regions. Move to Visual Studio Code for modern development tools. 

Industry Selectors 

Quickly build industry vertical solutions. Support data schemes for ideas within specific industries. 

Microsoft Dynamics

And all that was in the 2021 Wave 1 release. These should be generally available after April 1, 2021. Wait until you see what’s coming in the 2021 Wave 2 release. 


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