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The War on Talent Pt.1

Posted February 16, 2022 in News

Written by Jeremy Tinnel, VP of Talent Acquisition


I recently was quoted saying the War on Talent was the mix of a perfect storm.

I have seen a lot of trends and patterns from my experience in the industry. Back in college, I read a book that, on face value,  was rather simple, but its message still resonates and drives business today. That book is “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson. It talks about the evolution mindset and principles and how we as humans need to evolve to change. It applies so much to our personal lives, but it also drives business.

I recall that 5-10 years ago we all foresaw the problem in the IT jobs workforce. It was talked about everywhere and several groups made concerted efforts to increase the IT workforce. These efforts were made to help attract new demographics to the IT sector from those who usually weren’t interested. There were pushes made all the way down to the elementary school level to gain future IT professionals. Were these efforts successful? I would say yes and no. These programs and actions increased the number of potential workers in the IT sector, but it's not keeping pace with the number of available jobs.  Job growth has significantly surpassed new hire numbers. Why is that?

In this digital era, more companies have shifted from being product or service companies to technology companies.

I have seen a step change in thinking in the mindset of C-suite executives across the country. In a digital world,  they all ask the same good question: how can we pivot and rebrand ourselves to stay relevant today? Many companies are no longer seeing IT as just support for the business; instead, they increasingly view IT as “The Business” in and of itself.

Let’s look at one company, Amazon, for example. Amazon started off as a third-party book reseller, but over the course of 10-15 years, Amazon is now one of the giants in the IT Industry. How and why did they make these moves? The leadership at Amazon saw that the technology was more than a support to the product --it could be the product itself.

Amazon evolved and changed to meet the demands of the “future” market. Now, Amazon has revolutionized cloud technologies and services, online marketplaces, digital streaming, and much more. They harness impressive technology in AI, ML, and other emerging technologies to power their platforms. This oversight and evolution helped Amazon successfully weather and navigate the changes and turbulence brought about by the pandemic.

This is just one example on how companies are evolving and making digital shifts.

More companies are looking at technology as the answer and not the support. As more companies do this, technology jobs will continue to be at the forefront of the revolution. Technologies are constantly changing; companies are changing, the world is changing...we must adapt.          

How will we adjust and change the way we recruit and hire individuals in this digital age? This leads me to my final question: how are you as a person or a business adapting to the digital revolution?


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