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Better Business Solutions with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Posted October 20, 2021 in News

Written by John Shea III, Xpanxion Technical WriterDynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics’ Business Central can streamline your processes, make smarter decisions, and accelerate growth. Choose one, some, or all. Dynamics 365 applications are made to work together—and with your existing systems—for a comprehensive solution that connects your entire business. So you connect with every customer. Business Central is just one of the application platforms of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Your business needs to modernize into a digital workplace with Dynamics 365. You can use its Human Resources applications to manage your workforce when you streamline and optimize processes. You can empower employees with self-service HR tools, optimize HR programs for benefits, compensation, certifications, compliance, and leave and absence. You can adapt to organization change rapidly. 

With Dynamics 365 Finance, you can manage financial risk and reduce fraud, move away from transactional financial management by adopting predictive and proactive operations to drive performance and protect revenue. This helps you take better care of people. 

With Dynamics’ Sales, you can close more deals, use digital selling, and meet the buyers on their turf and show them how their business is doing. With Marketing you can work with customers in real-time, customize the market experience with Artificial Intelligence, and protect their personal data with its unified, adaptable platform. With Commerce, you can connect stores and maximize in-store operations. Fraud Protection increases security and reduces risk. Supply Chain has supply chain management, Guides has holographic instruction where the work happens, and Intelligent Order Management provides an order overview as well as helps you get up and running quickly. 

Xpanxion has helped many businesses modernize with Microsoft Dynamics 365. For example, Xpanxion recommended one company modernize to the cloud-based ERP (Employee Resource Planning) of Dynamics Finance and Operations. Xpanxion identified key drivers and capabilities in Dynamics 365 to meet the company’s ERP needs. This company could automate and manage business processes across the many platforms already mentioned. The ERP system broke down data silos and integrated information between different departments. 


  • Implemented the new ERP system in record time - just under 60 days 
  • Integrated the ERP system with field service data 
  • With better integration, accelerated company processes, improved productivity. and reduced operational costs 
  • Increased productivity with access to real-time data for sales and inventory tracking, along with data export for Business Intelligence (BI) reporting 
  • Managed real-time inventory and sales data 
  • Automated processes and visibility into business insights and operations 

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