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Benefits and Risks of Internet of Behavior

Posted September 17, 2021 in News

Written by John Shea III, Xpanxion Technical Writer

IoB Brain and Circuts

On one hand you have the Internet of Things (IoT), while on the other hand, there is the Internet of Behavior (IoB). The internet of Behavior has its pros and cons. For pro, it offers precious records to agencies that assist them in knowing what their clients do when connected to the Internet. For con, there’s a chance of unethical use of the information about their patrons. 

The Internet of Things refers to the billions of bodily gadgets which include computers, cell phones, tablets, etc. which are linked to the net and are actively engaged in collecting huge amounts of data and sharing records throughout the network. The Internet of Behavior goes one step beyond. This idea of knowing all about you and how the facts work together and are gathered gives corporations an advantage. 

Here are some of the benefits and dangers of the “Internet of Behavior“. 

Benefits of Internet of Behavior (IoB) 

1. Understand Consumer Behavior 

With behavioral psychology, the essential reason for the Internet of Behavior is to examine, recognize and interpret human behaviors. This is done by monitoring how human beings behave in unique situations through the usage of numerous technologies. For instance, many agencies use facial reputation to examine a patron’s behavior at a given factor in time. 

2. Improve Consumer Experience 

Since the Internet of Behavior helps agencies know all about consumer behavior, it lets them supply precisely what the clients want. If clients face positive troubles for the duration of their adventure, agencies can cope with them and thus, enhance the general enjoyment of the clients. In this manner, they could steady (and study) consumer loyalty for an extended time. 

3. Converts Data into Valuable Information 

Through the Internet, corporations gather a variety of facts concerning consumer behavior. However, until those facts are analyzed and efficiently placed to use, it’s pretty much meaningless. The Internet of Behavior converts those person devices of facts into precious records which can assist corporations to enhance their business performance through knowing all about their clients. 

Moreover, the Internet of Behavior permits facts to be collected via a couple of contacts. Hence, agencies can oversee the whole adventure of a consumer from the start to the finish of the know-how factors of improvement. Thus, the Internet of Behavior helps corporations walk in the footsteps of their clients. 

4. Effective Marketing 

With the analytics that come beneath the Internet of Behavior, agencies get the right of entry to facts revealing consumer psychology. This record helps them handle over higher overall performance by gaining insights into what drives their clients. This knowing all lets them focus on commercial and real-time notifications on the factor of sale. Furthermore, it gives agencies a new way to touch clients in unique factors on their journeys. Remember Tom Cruise as he is pursued in “Minority Report” as the marketing kiosks and billboards directly projected ads just for him only? This brings us to our next topic, the Risks of Internet of Behavior. 

Risks of Internet of Behavior (IoB) 

1. Cybersecurity 

The number one subject with the Internet of Behavior is the manner how facts are gathered and stored. The Internet of Behavior is a large database for cybercriminals to take gain of. Exclusive facts about the clients can also get compromised if it falls inside the arms of unethical users. However, many agencies and businesses have all started to address this issue. New cybersecurity protocols may also come into lifestyles that make using the Internet of Behavior technology safer. 

Nonetheless, the Internet of Behavior is an innovative idea anticipated to extrude advertising and marketing to an awesome (and potentially powerful) extent. 

2. Privacy Concerns 

When agencies gather great quantities information about their patrons’ moods, their behavior, likes, and dislikes, clients have a chance to use their privacy rights. 

To find out more about the Internet of Things (IoT), click here. You’ll discover what things the Internet of Behavior feeds on to determine how it will be nudging us one way or another. 


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