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AI Technology and Machine Learning Paving the Way for Convenience

Posted September 27, 2021 in News

Written by John Shea III, Xpanxion Technical Writer

Smart Car

Can you hear that humming?

It’s the hum of innovation as companies combine their work to innovate theirs and others’ industries. By now we’ve all seen or heard about the self-driving Domino’s pizza delivery vehicle. However, did you know that Walmart is working with Ford Motors and an AI start=up company, Argo, that Ford is backing, to have self-driving deliveries?  

You’ll see the test vehicles, Ford Escape hybrids, wandering the streets of Miami, the District of Columbia, and Austin, Texas by the end of this year, offering door-to-door service. Similarly, Walmart also has a self-driving truck partnership with Gatik and General Motors. They better hurry. A record number of women have signed up to become truck drivers because of high demand and higher pay. But wait, there’s more. In July, Ford and Argo teamed with Lyft for self-driving vehicles for ride-hailing by the end of this year, too. 

With the pandemic, people needed to change, modify their lifestyle, innovate to find new ways to work at home and not at the office. Modification was necessary to the industry change its workstyle to fit this new set of circumstances.  

This meant change.  

Restaurants found new ways to serve food when everything was closed down. Delivery and take-out became the only way out. That meant a cut in staff, leaving more people to fend for themselves, or to now, reinvent themselves. With there being more home delivery, car companies are developing their own autonomous vehicle—No driver, no need to have them on staff.  

Change drives innovation. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) combined with Machine Learning (ML) is showing up all over industry. Telecommunications companies have AI perform needed material set-up and installation tasks. The field tech soon will just show up at the site, plug in the equipment and, once connected, the AIs will handle the commissioning and integration tasks. Plug and play will be the day. And these AI/MLs will interact with other companies’ AI/MLs. Some companies are on the cusp of this innovation change. Some have crossed over that “uncanny valley” (the one where you can’t determine if a robot or human did it) and are into the beyond already with their technology changes. It’s not just science fiction anymore. 

Another example of companies combining innovation is Microsoft and Toyota. Microsoft has their Dynamics 365 Guides where human auto technicians use 3D holographic imaging to understand and repair our more complex cars today. 

How can you be prepared for the changes going on around you?

With change comes adaption. Xpanxion can help you deal with the changes coming. Its teams can help you modernize outdated processes and software and update your ways of doing things so you can survive the changes. We have many success stories where you can read about how and what we’ve done to help our clients achieve their goals.

You hear that hum? It’s not just the drones of self-driving cars in traffic. It’s the hum of innovation and soon, you can hum along with it. 


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