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10 Digital Transformation Essentials

Posted September 14, 2021 in News

Written by John Shea III, Xpanxion Technical Writer

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is reshaping and expanding how customers and employees use technology and business processes to dramatically improve business performance from savings to growth. 

Here are just 10 tips to help you transform to a digital world: 

1 -  Evolve to survive in a changing business world. 

Embrace Change. Otherwise, it may steamroll over you. You can improve your IT network, your people, your processes, but you must adapt to new ways of thinking and doing things. Be persistent to persevere. 

2 -  Automate your business and how you get things done. 

Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help automate with prebuilt workflows and pre-integrated and preconfigured common open-sourced interfaces that are quicker to respond and adapt. With AI, you can shorten your development and time-to-market. 

3 -  Modernize your data infrastructure. 

Modernize storage infrastructure to manage IoT data. Have faster, more efficient all-flash storage. Data recoverability and business continuity for your data architecture is important. 

4 -  Have the right tools to transform. 

Think digitally. Use tools that use technology, apps, networks, social media, crowdsourcing, and more. Each digital tool is a long-term investment. You can stay ahead of the competition and improve sustainability for your company by keeping your workforce engaged and informed. 

Make sure your teams all have the same tools, too. Be consistent. 

5 -  Continually improve. 

Create the broad roadmap on how you will improve and change. Be it through integration or delivery, improvement over time is essential.  

Time increment keep changing andgetting smaller, so improvement is required to continue with ongoing change. Constant training is a must. 

6 -  Manage people – Collaborate and Communicate. 

Working together to facilitate meetings so they run smoothly andbe the liaison between technical and managerial groups, keeping everyone informed about the process and progress. If you’re not co-located you can use tools like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Chat, Skype, WebEx, and Zoom for video-conferencing if face-to-face not possible. 

7 -  Share data. 

This might mean you have to go to a public cloud structure or private cloud structure, like SharePoint. There are also hybrid cloud structures, both public and private. Others are One Drive, Google Drive, and DropBox. 

8 -  Build your teams and recruit the digital talent you need. 

Improve your team with digital training and bring in resources ready to dig in. They’ll need experience in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and data science. 

9 - Change your organization. 

It’s not done overnight. Start small and expand to be ready for the competition. Educated the board and executives to what will be needed so they can become comfortable with the changes taking place. Remember that roadmap. 

10 -  Commit and reallocate resources. 

The company needs to devote full attention, time, money and their workforce must be dedicated to the transformation. Create the new future; don’t just manage the current business. 

Xpanxion’s digital transformation strategy can optimize and improve how your employees and customers use technology to dramatically improve your business’s bottom line performance. 


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