UX & Design: Large Multinational Hospitality Company Success Story

UX & Design: Large Multinational Hospitality Company

Industry: Hotels

Services: UI/UX, Mobile, Software Engineering, DevOps Automation

Technology Stack: JavaScript, Java, Spring MVC, Maven, Apigee, Akamai, SLF4J / Logback, Swagger, Hibernate, EHCACHE, Docker, TestNG, Selenium Webdriver


  • Xpanxion Improved the interface for agents to perform actions, thus resulting in reduction in average call timing for agents
  • Re-designed UI/UX for CRO channel applications and standardized application design patterns
  • Faster application response times for agents through application performance improvement
  • CI/CD framework set up with automated deployment and orchestration
  • Introduced gamification to improve agent’s involvement
  • Using latest technology stack and upgrading the stack by keeping a constant check on the market trends
  • Developed Chatbot solution for travel needs, thus serving the client’s end customers at their ease on the go
  • Improved time to market owing to continuous integration and continuous automation
  • Tokenization implementation for application security
  • Source code repository migration