Software Engineering: Well-known Legal SaaS Company Success Story

Software Engineering: Well-known Legal SaaS Company

Industry: Legal Technology

Customer since: 2017

Services: Product Engineering, Application Maintenance, Agile

Geography: USA, India

Team Size: 60+

Technology Stack: ASP.NET, Angular 2.0, Web API 2.0, AWS, Azure

Internal Tools Contextual Chatbot, AWS Lex Bot Starter Kit, Xiomate


  • 3+ years of successful partnership with 60+ team members working across services operating in an onsite-offshore-rural model (shift overlap)
  • Followed Agile practices using Scrum methodology (Agile maturity of 3.2/4)
  • Legacy modernization of apps helped achieve better response time & performance.
  • Architectural shift to Microservices made the system more flexible & scalable
  • Integrated Apigee for securely mediating and managing internal as well as external APIs.
  • AWS Lex Bot Deployment Tool: Automated manual configuration of slots and utterances allowing dynamic slot & Utterance updates to AWS Lex bot console.
  • Introduced Chatbot for automatic query resolution, consultations and appointments
  • Automated Test Data Generation process
  • Gated pipeline for Test Automation helped detect failed test cases before being promoted to the next environment.
  • Reusable frameworks and codes can be extended across various API services, thus saving significant time and cost of implementation.
  • Test framework to automate unit test cases using Jasmine/Karma for Lifeplan App
  • Developed Reusable frameworks like API template for new service creation, Nuget package to provide Exception Handling.
  • Introduced innovative logging mechanism for tracking and identifying failures in RBE jobs