Quality Assurance: Top 5 US Financial Services Distributor Success Story

Quality Assurance: Top 5 US Financial Services Distributor

Industry: Financial Services

Customer since: 2011

Services: Quality Assurance, DevOps

Geography: USA, India

Team Size: 20+

Technology Stack: Jenkins, Cucumber, Azure, Applitools, Sauce Labs, TestNG, appium, Selenium, TestRail, Version1, jazz

Historically, our client had outsourced all QA to a large vendor. Our client was looking for a fresh start, adopting Agile principles, implementing best practices for their web and mobile software QA processes, and introducing automation.


  • Established proper governance and agile processes adhering to industry standards (Introduced formal test, defect, and project-tracking tools, and formal QA training and certification for all QA team members)
  • Improved communication thanks to domestic Xpanxion team members embedded in agile teams, interacting with project managers, UX designers, and developers
  • Built a unified, maintainable web and mobile framework using open-source components, Applitools, and Sauce Labs
  • Coordinated blended team of client and Xpanxion resources consisting of automation engineers embedded on product teams
  • Integrated automation into build pipeline to execute tests on each build
  • Increased frequency of test execution and reduced cycle time, Introduced standards for API documentation, API testing
  • Leveraged automation to offload other tasks from manual QA, such as test data creation, saving days of effort each sprint
  • Extended QA to include mobile testing in addition to web testing
  • Dramatic increase in test coverage, shorter testing cycles, and a sharp decrease in new defects introduced