Emerging Technologies: AI-powered SAAS Financial Risk Mitigation Platform Success Story

Emerging Technologies: AI-powered SAAS Financial Risk Mitigation Platform

Industry: Financial Services, Technology

Customer since: 2004

Services: Product Engineering

Geography: USA, India

Team Size: 25

Technology Stack: Java, Angular, Spring Boot

Internal Tools: AI-Based Entity Extractor, Angular Starter Kit

• Xpanxion has been strategic development partner for the client for over 16 years. Xpanxion helped build several greenfield solutions from the ground-up by contributing to architecture, design, development, automation & delivery


  • Xpanxion contributed to the development of a variety of new products including a portal application, BI Dashboards using Sisense Tool, OCR Application using Tesseract tool & Connectors library
  • With the client's OCR system, Xpanxion enhanced to use an AI/ML algorithms. The OCR is capable of image processing, Text Extraction, Line Item Extraction, Logo and Language Detection
  • Continuously involved in planning technology roadmap to address newer technology trends and technical debts inside the project.
  • Accomplished platform migration from thick-client to web-platform using cutting edge technologies
  • Built reusable components/services to accelerate development and adopted a single responsibility, loosely coupled, componentized application architecture.
  • Applied industry standard design principles (e.g SOLID) to ensure application codebase is easier to extend and maintain.
  • Built a uniform automation framework using Selenium. Automated day to day activities like database creation, build download, build release, code review request, etc.
  • Ensured quality assurance through QG approach, Shift Left methodology with Automated Unit, Smoke & Regression testing