Agile: One of the largest for-profit managed health care insurance companies in US Success Story

Agile: One of the largest for-profit managed health care insurance companies in US

Industry: Healthcare Insurance

Customer since: 2015

Services: Agile, Quality Assurance, DevOps

Geography: USA, India

Team Size: 30+

Technology Stack: Selenium Webdriver, XRest, Bamboo, Cucumber

Internal Tools: Tool Agnostic Framework, XRest, Layout Bug Detector

5+ years of partnership with 30+ team members working towards a common goal of delivery the best quality product


  • Leveraged Xpanxion's cross sourcing model and introduced Agile model to expedite the delivery process. Transitioned client from Waterfall to SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework)
  • Implemented multiple consumer portals allowing users to manage benefits, payments, claims and solicit variety of consumer services.
  • Introduced testing via Behavior Driven Development approach enabling in-sprint Automation & Parallel Automation Scripting
  • Incorporated Agile Test Operating Model with Planning/Runaway, Test Architecture and Centralized E2E/Performance/Security Teams
  • Established Multi layered Test Automation Framework to conduct Web, API and Database testing by leveraging Cucumber, Selenium, Java & JIRA
  • Automated CI/CD Processes using Bamboo
  • Virtualization of Services for End to End Testing and Test Data Provisioning using a tool-based approach
  • Integrated SEO Verification, PDF Comparison and Accessibility verification capabilities to the Automation Framework
  • Implemented xRest API framework for more than 3 HCC accounts to automate API testing
  • Orchestrated Mobile Automation using Perfecto module
  • Coached and mentor Teams on Setting up Base framework and Test Automation Practices