Our approach to Infrastructure Management is guided by years of experience using best-in-class processes, compliance, training and automation. Compliance and security are central to how we manage infrastructure. ISO27001, NIST V1.1 Framework, PCI-DSS and SOX aren't buzzwords or what we work toward, they're our starting point for every solution. On the surface it's simple, we get the process for management down and then we automate it. This allows us to have first-in-class reliability and uptime.

Infrastructure Management & Automation

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is key to our success. Automation is one of our primary value propositions that allow us to “Do more, faster, for less.” Designing and managing with reproducibility in mind allows us to consistently move quicker than the competition.

“Infrastructure as code” is a key component of Xpanxion’s secret sauce. Our engineers don't waste time trying to figure out how "they did it" last time. Their code acts as living documentation. This also creates automatic guardrails for our infrastructure that enables it to be managed for scalability and secure-by-default.

ITaaS - IT as a Service

Are you tired of stumbling through the distraction of managing infrastructure and reinventing infrastructure management with a limited set of skilled resources? We are the one vendor who can manage your operations. We abstract away the daily grind of infrastructure operations.

We leverage the scale and our experience with outcomes that are driven to SLAs will exceed your expectations as to what's possible for your organization's infrastructure maturity. Let us operate your IT as a Service (ITaaS) model so that you can focus on setting the strategic direction of your business.

Comprehensive Cloud Managed Service

We help Global Enterprises build modernized infrastructure for private, public or hybrid cloud solutions. Our comprehensive infrastructure management service allows your organization to focus on innovation in order to run your business, with the assurance that your infrastructure will operate as though it was being run in-house.

Private/Public/Hybrid Environments

Whether you are considering the continuation of your current data center contract, the extension of moving into the cloud, or the best way to optimize your on-premises/cloud hybrid environment, we've developed and have experience in a range of strategies to help optimize what makes sense and operate complex hybrid environments. We help customers create long-term roadmaps, develop the framework for adjusting their IT operations and then provide the resources to execute these plans.

Managed Mainframe Service

Xpanxion's mainframe infrastructure services provide the following offerings: mainframe retirement, rehost, lift & shift, rewrite and mainframe outsourcing. We have experience helping customers eliminate legacy mainframes with strategies that pay for themselves.

In a matter of days, we can help you identify the cost savings from migrating and leveraging modern technologies to transform your business operations.

Reliability Operations Center (ROC)

The Reliability Operations Center (ROC) serves as a business-centric, cross-functional delivery hub to provide a unified service to end-users. The ROC takes many forms depending on the organization, but consists of Help Desk/ITSM, robust multi-tiered Infrastructure/Application monitoring, with Network & Security Operations. The ROC provides transparency and coordination in prioritizing and resolving issues while running the key day-to-day backbone of IT.

Network & Security Operations Center

We know that security is a 24x7x365 requirement, which is why we offer “follow-the-sun (FTS) [TH1] coverage” to neutralize security threats regardless of when the threat appears. See our CyberSecurity {link}[EA2]  section to understand more about the types of services we provide to modernize your network for scalability or reshaping security operations for assurance. We measure our success not only by your satisfaction but by industry scorecards.

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