We live and breathe agile. It is the backbone of our planning, transparency, development, communication and delivery methodology we use to partner with our clients. Our experience applies to the frameworks of Scrum, Kanban & SAFe. Agile at Xpanxion is supported by our tenured experts and teams, led by certified professionals such as PSMs (Professional Scrum Masters). From consulting on agile best practices and agile transformations to daily communication and reliable delivery, agile lives here.


BridgePoint is a proven proprietary process and framework that Xpanxion has developed and refined over decades of providing product development and digital transformation services. BridgePoint is an iterative and adaptable process built to cater to any environment and to each of our customer’s unique circumstances. This means creating customized approaches that bring structure and predictability to any development engagement. Our BridgePoint framework provides value and benefits that enhance productivity, improve timelines and save money.

Agile-experienced People

Our talented technical teams have many years of experience developing and delivering software products leveraging agile methodologies. Aside from work experience, our employees are continuously trained in agile best practices as part of our “Essentials” training program. To better guide teams and clients, many Xpanxion team members have become certified as Professional Scrum Masters (PSMs) — the industry standard. Talented agilists are an essential component of how we successfully deliver results.

Agile Transformation

Becoming an effective agile organization can be a daunting process. However, Xpanxion's expertise and decades of experience allow us to partner with organizations to successfully implement agile methodologies (e.g. Scrum, Kanban, XP). We work alongside your team to determine a realistic roll out, training plan and pace that aligns with your business goals. Agile transformation allows you to speed up market deliverability and respond to change quickly. It also empowers your teams to do even better work.

Agile Coaching

Whether your organization is new to agile, desires guidance, or has struggled to fully leverage it, Xpanxion agile coaching leads organizations to the successful implentation of agile methodologies. Development organizations don't want to just "do agile", but to entirely benefit and improve by living it.

Agile is not just a marker of improvement for development teams, but a holistic and cultural change that starts with leadership and is supported throughout the organization. A disciplined agile implementation benefits the entire organization and leads to a healthier product built by teams who enjoy coming to work! Xpanxion agile coaching helps organizations realize the inherent benefits of agile.

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