Mainframe Modernization and Support

Legacy systems, particularly mainframe servers like the AS400, are often the source of continuous excess expense and antiquated applications.  Whether it’s a business, development, maintenance, or support process, the modernization of these systems presents an opportunity for businesses to achieve efficiencies with newer technologies while reducing costs.  Xpanxion provides expertise in digital modernization, support, and responsible resourcing for businesses to remove the liability of their technical debt and improve their environments.


  • Lift and shift existing mission critical applications.
  • Streamline environments by sunsetting unneeded systems and removing redundant capabilities.
  • Lower operational costs and improve scalability through cloud services.
  • Improve performance, scalability, and support through modernization of technology stacks.


  • Outcome based service delivery models.
  • Performance monitoring against base lined SLA compliance measures.
  • Continuous YOY improvement on health of applications.
  • Cross training resources in multiple technologies.
  • Resourcing from US markets for niche technologies.
  • Hybrid resourcing models for lower costs and 24/7 coverage.

Step It Up

  • Accelerated talent development program training and providing resources for local communities. 
  • Solution to our nation’s technology talent shortage. 
  • Department of Labor approved Apprenticeship program executed by Xpanxion. 
  • Department of Defense approved Skillbridge program executed by Xpanxion.
  • Benefit – lowering cost of talent acquisition.
  • Benefit – lower risk of hiring entry level resources. 
  • Benefit - diversify workforce with veterans, women and minority women. 
  • Learn more about Step IT Up 

US Delivery

We are proud to focus on US job creation and services delivery through onshore development centers, partnerships with major universities, and accelerated training programs for non-technical sources from diverse backgrounds (e.g. military and underserved communities).

Our technology centers are based in smaller US communities with major universities. Our workforce includes graduates and alumni who enjoy a higher quality of life and lower cost of living.  

Global Ability

As a division of UST, we have access to over 30 delivery centers around the world which provides the ability to leverage our technical expertise in different time zones with lower resource costs.  Our commitment to you is that you will have a US-led team that will make the execution of global engagements simple and transparent. graduates and alumni who enjoy a higher quality of life and lower cost of living.  

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