What Our Customers Are Saying

Xpanxion Customer - Vesuvius

“Vesuvius started a technology partnership with Xpanxion in June 2015. Since then Xpanxion have established themselves as a trusted partner, extending the capacity of our UK, Brazilian, French, US and German IT teams, with their Programming, Business Analysis and Software Assurance expertise.  Since the start of the engagement the Xpanxion team has shown a strong sense of ownership and accountability. The Xpanxion associates have brought a broad array of skillsets spanning various IT disciplines and they now work on a daily basis with the Vesuvius IT Team from around the world. The Xpanxion associates have truly become a part of the Vesuvius organization and Xpanxion is now a strategic partner of choice for the years to come!” – Andrew Babbage, IT Director, Vesuvius


Xpanxion Customer - Phynd

“Phynd is utilizing Xpanxion’s rural sourcing model to build modern, SaaS solutions for the enterprise healthcare IT market. Our relationship is unique in that we have used them for all aspects of product/requirements management, project management, .net development, system architecture & cloud services through AWS, and Quality Assurance testing. We have opened an office inside the Xpanxion Kearney office to form a cohesive partnership. Through Xpanxion, we have resources in Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Georgia and Pune, India giving us an almost 24-hour work day.”Tom White, CEO, Phynd


Xpanxion Customer - FirstFuel

“FirstFuel uses Xpanxion’s highly skilled associates to augment our own in-house engineering team in key areas of AWS management, Java, Ruby on Rails, Quality Assurance and Automation. The Xpanxion team and their fully networked, secure office space in Pune, India complement our Lexington, MA headquarters team, giving us an integrated, global two-office development capability. In addition to the skills and professionalism of the people, the team adds individual creativity and value; key best practices in project management and process; and a collaborative, trustworthy work style. These attributes are most highly valued, as they make Xpanxion more than just a cost-effective resource, but a positive value-add to our culture, growth, and scale as a company.” – Raman Sud, Senior Vice President of Engineering, FirstFuel

Success Stories

At Xpanxion, the goal is always to ensure the customer is front-and-center of the business. Here are just a handful of the many cases where the clients agree.


Xpanxion Customer - ESM Solutions

ESM Solutions added around 24 new customers and secured a Top Product for 2015 award within a short period of engaging Xpanxion.

The leading eprocurement-solutions provider brought in Xpanxion to offer counsel, quality services and technical acumen, to drive the vision, scope and execution of the organization’s next-generation products.

The result: Xpanxion was engaged to work on a second product line following its proven efficiency with over 90 successful sprints.


Xpanxion Customer - Inpriva

Xpanxion created a new portal for Inpriva to effectively track patient health data and enable all medical contributors to collaborate on any individual patient’s records and improve overall care.

The healthcare information software company worked with Xpanxion, using its Cross Sourcing™ model, to successfully deliver the required functionality, by focusing on prototyping deadlines and long-term product needs.

The result: Xpanxion was engaged to continue the project, taking on further enhancements of the prototype.


Xpanxion Customer - Xerox

Bringing its more than eleven years’ experience in software development to Xerox, Xpanxion was engaged to move the company’s Firebrand Software towards a full release following seven years of growing pains and high demand.

The leading document management services company briefed Xpanxion to improve stability and quality of code, reduce bug-fix timelines and ensure the code base was in a stable state as part of the organization’s Firehouse Software project – an emergency-response system developed from the ground up by Xerox.

Result: Within three weeks Xpanxion established all development environments, had the project building and deploying on local machines and started to improve code stability. Since that time, Xerox has seen a more sophisticated client-experience process and architectural enhancements, and stabilized the Firebrand Software platform.


Xpanxion Customer - Phynd

Signing up Xpanxion led to significant savings and a considerable up-tick in efficiency for Phynd.

The healthcare start-up engaged Xpanxion to create its Unified Provider Management (UPM) Platform: an app that enables healthcare organizations to manage and securely share provider information across their core IT systems.

The app has improved productivity, made billing more efficient, optimized the revenue cycle and enhanced care coordination enterprise-wide.

The result: UPM has markedly improved financial results, clinical outcomes, and compliance for the companies using its platform.


Xpanxion Customer - Sony

Xpanxion’s QA automation framework delivered a 90 percent reduction in post-deploy environment validation times for Sony.

The leading electronic and entertainment conglomerate brought in Xpanxion to provide an automation solution to manage routine deployments across its highly complex platform of over 50 separate environments, 60+ distinct applications per environment, and over 40,000 virtual hosts.

The result: Using these results as a proof of concept, Xpanxion has integrated the user-level automated tests into the build tool workflow to enhance other areas of the business.


Xpanxion Customer - ABB

The innovative technology leader, ABB, engaged Xpanxion to develop an automation framework that would reduce costs associated with manual testing, identify defects quicker, and improve time to market of its infrastructure- and safety-critical power generation and distribution software systems.

Xpanxion delivered comprehensive automated web, desktop, mobile, and API testing solutions across 5 teams and more than 10 enterprise applications in the power systems space:

  • Reduced test execution time from 6 months to 3 days
  • Established scalable continuous integration environment with an initial 235 automated test cases
  • Automated more than 2,000 smoke, sanity, and regression tests in less than 5 months
  • Adapted to major requirements and design changes on-the-fly with Xpanxion’s flexible and customizable automation framework
  • Successfully automated 97 percent of test cases
  • Enabled agile development by reducing sanity suite execution from 2 weeks to less than 1 day

Result: ABB retained Xpanxion’s services beyond an initial pilot project to extend automation and continuous integration across all projects.


Xpanxion Customer - Crawford

Crawford saw the results of Xpanxion’s efforts much sooner due to the benefits of implementing a cloud solution that saved months before development had even begun, expediting time to market.

The world-leading provider of claims management solutions brought in Xpanxion to create an open marketplace application for clients to find providers to handle claims as needed, with a rapid time-to-market goal.

Result: A lean and efficient project foundation based on the removal of infrastructure, the use of pre-existing services and the quick creation of additional environments – all a result of using the cloud.


Xpanxion Customer - Ferguson

Selected for its expertise in business intelligence processes and its domestic presence, Xpanxion successfully delivered a daily dashboard, the first milestone, to Ferguson, to provide key insights to the organization’s decision-makers.

The largest distributor of commercial and residential plumbing supplies, pipes, valves, and fittings in the United States appointed Xpanxion to appropriately analyze data and use the information to improve various business functions and processes.

Result: Xpanxion continues to support Ferguson to reach milestones that drive business value, through the improvement of security and testing processes.