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Technology is growing and changing every day. In today's world, it has become an integral part of our everyday lives. Unfortunately, this has left some of America's workforce in the gap with a lack of knowledge to pursue their dreams' careers. It has also left corporations with a gap in talent to fill their needs.   A person needs IT experience for almost any and every position today. 

IT learning programs are changing the way we view accessible IT education and giving individuals a resource outside of the typical four-year college. 

That's why we created Step IT Up Self Study Program on IT fundamentals.

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A self-study, self-paced online program designed for individuals who have no IT education or experience. Those who may not have a college degree but have the desire to learn in the field of Information Technology.  

Our program begins with basic IT Fundamentals training and helps individuals progress forward to more advanced learning in areas such as database administration, PC security or software development. 

The Step IT Up Self Study Program can help those who in today's world who are...

  • Unable to pursue traditional IT education
  • Finding themselves needing to change career fields because of lack of work and job displacement
  • Wanting a dedicated structured training path to enter into the field of IT

We provide IT training Fundamentals that is 20 hours of training. Once this first 20 hours of training is completed, an assessment is given to help guide individuals towards their strengths for more advanced learning. 

Database Administration, PC Security or Software Development which consists of an additional 20-40 hours of training. 

Once the 40-60 hours of training is completed, the skilled individuals are ready to apply for an entry-level position in their skill set and also are better prepared to begin more advanced IT training. 

 Xpanxion gives individuals the knowledge and the confidence they need to start a career in Information Technology or gain skills needed to further themselves in their current field. 

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