Data and Analytics

Xpanxion facilitates data-driven culture in our customer organizations to deliver positive business outcomes and a superior user experience. Our Data and Analytics practices provide an end-to-end data offering that accommodates encompassing ETL, data warehousing, business intelligence and advanced analytics.

Data Management Services

Our data management services team partners with your organization to quickly develop data strategies that scale to meet your needs while removing the tedious and costly work to get from data ingestion to data analytics. Our approach utilizes modern technologies and practices (e.g. streaming, cloud data lake) and is built to enable the data lifecycle with security in mind, from the start.

Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence capabilities encompass consolidating and introducing best practices while streamlining the delivery processes across all Enterprise Information Management layers (Sourcing, Data warehouse, Data Marts, Reporting). We partner with other organizations to provide support and consolidation of various BI operations (e.g. DBA, BI Data Analysts, Platform Maintenance, Infrastructure Support, ETL & BI Admin, Release Management).

Data Analytics, Data Engineering & AI

Our passion is to use technology to solve business problems. One of the core ways we do that is by using data engineering & artificial intelligence to turn data into actionable insights. Organizations often suffer from the manual nature of getting tools in place and constantly modifying those tools to tailor solutions for one insight at a time. Xpanxion uses best-in-class technologies and practices that quickly bring insights to fruition. We use high-speed computing options that allow for automated data ingestion, automated data transformation and automated cube generation that expedites your ability to get to market.