Xpanxion offers a full range of cybersecurity services for companies and organizations alike. Our service roster ranges from monitoring and training IT staff to risk mitigation and IT service management.

Information Security Consulting Services include

Security Advisory – Xpanxion offers a full range of security advisory services covering information security strategy, risk management, third-party risk assurance and data privacy compliance.

Security Assessment – We provide an in-depth assessment of your security landscape including vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, red team simulations, Security Controls Assessments (SCAs), and security maturity assessments.

Security Engineering – We support detailed engineering requirements from design to execution including secure SDLC consulting and secure cloud advisory.

Staff Augmentation – Our goal is to provide the right experts to fit your security operation's needs via our Security Analysts, SIEM Specialists, Virtual CISO and DPO.


We've partnered with fellow UST subsidiary, CyberProof, to provide a seamless cybersecurity offering to our customers. As a leading security services company, CyberProof's mission is to manage information security risks for enterprise organizations by providing next-generation services and technologies that adapt to the evolving threat landscape with cost-effective prediction and detection as well as accelerated response and recovery. CyberProof adds an automated threat intelligence solution, complemented by skilled threat intelligence analysts who work to fully automate the extraction of meaningful metrics that provide insight in securing digital assets.

Cato Networks

We've partnered with Cato Networks to offer a set of services including VPN, Last Mile Coverage, QoS, and SD-WAN; partially or fully managed. Cato provides enterprises a converged SD-WAN and network security platform delivered as a global cloud service.

Aligned with Gartner's Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) framework, Cato Cloud connects all data centers, branches, mobile users, and cloud resources into an agile and secure global network. Cato's cloud-native architecture delivers a future-proof network that evolves at the pace of your business. All solutions are built from the ground up with redundancy, diversity and high availability with multi-path mesh topology to significantly reduce outage risk while optimizing cloud connectivity.

Cybersecurity Managed Services

Xpanxion offers a full range of managed security services for your organization's needs that include: 24x7x365 network security maintenance, Security Operations Center Administration, Network Operations Center Administration, managed EDR services, vulnerability management, and mitigation/remediation of network/system anomalies.

Reliability Operations Center

Xpanxion can establish a Reliability Operations Center (ROC) to fulfill requirements around IT Service Management, which consists of policies, processes, and procedures necessary to plan, operate, control, and deliver these resources to Clients. The scope of a ROC includes:

  • Help desk and end-user computing
  • Network and Security Operations
  • Infrastructure Operations
  • Application Operations

Our ROC managed service allows organizations to remove the burden of running back-office IT and focus on the products that drive their business.