Struggling to find the right talent? You are not alone.


The skills gap is real.

We know how hard it is to find, train and retain talent that is an ideal fit for your business needs. That's why we created UST Step IT Up - a unique apprenticeship program that recruits and trains a new generation of technical talent for businesses poised for digital transformation. The program will help you get the right talent with the right skills.

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UST Step IT Up

UST Step IT Up is a global talent development program designed to help organizations like yours bridge the IT talent gap.

Work with UST, we are changing the workplace and allowing the ability to hire hard-to-find resources, thereby lowering the cost of resource acquisition. You can source candidates from an existing Step IT Up program or work with UST to develop a customized training program that aligns perfectly with your talent needs and builds skills over a 4–7-month period. 

The impact we created

Build a diverse team

According to the Diversity in Tech 2021 Hiring Report, only 30% of the tech workforce identifies as Black, Asian or Hispanic, and gender diversity is only 25% female compared to 47% for all other industries.

UST Step IT Up organically recruits candidates from diverse backgrounds to meet your organization's Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) goals.

UST Step IT Up is an approved National Apprenticeship Program by the Department of Labor and a Department of Defense SkillBridge partner.


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