Our Xpanxion Team

Theresa attended Newbury College, Roger Williams University, University of Oxford, University of Phoenix, and Purdue University Global for Information Technology and Leadership.

She is an active member of Women in Technology, Golden Key International Honor Society, The National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Women in Tech, Program Management Institute, and Cyber Security Club at Purdue.

C A R E E R   H I G H L I G H T S

  • Founded the non-profit Chum’s Wheels that helped disabled dogs get customized wheelchairs; raised over $15,000 for dogs in need.
  • Held leadership and board positions with the State of Rhode Island.
  • Completed a successful STEAM Community Playgroup capstone project for Community Leadership through Roger Williams University and received a citation from the City of Cranston, RI for her efforts.
  • Helping all of my clients achieve measurable results from experienced project management and organizational transformations.
  • Surviving lockdown with twins whilst maintaining a career. Working parents during the pandemic that must also be professionals, educators, and parents (all at the same time) deserve awards!

A W A R D S   &   C E R T I F I C A T I O N S

L I F E   A T   X P A N X I O N 

Joined August 2021

Why I Joined:

When I learned about the role, I was working for another company and was happy in my position; I was also in the midst of a cross-country move. The last thing I needed to add to my plate was a new job. What sold me? The chance to make a difference by providing others opportunities for learning and development whilst helping clients accomplish their goals; and to work remotely. Possibly more importantly, Xpanxion nurtures internal teams for the technical and cultural mindset that’s required for Agile transformations, and extends this value to our clients in real-time. It was also appealing for me to once again provide opportunities to women and our valued members of the United States military given my prior experience working with the DOD and the Defense Acquisition University.

Why I Stay:

The people. The people at Xpanxion are stellar professionals! Xpanxion has a way of finding great talent. It is lovely to work for a company where the culture is supportive and peers find positive solutions to challenges through teamwork and collaboration. As an agilist, I believe in customer success and customer obsession. I love that our culture here shares that through servant leadership. There are always opportunities to expand your horizons and learn new things within the organization. A great example of this was my most recent involvement interviewing some of the excellent candidates for our inspiring Step-It-Up program, a nationwide initiative to train and place women, veterans, and other minorities in the technology field. Team members are open and responsive to innovation and change.

As a working mother of twins, I also love that Xpanxion offers me the flexibility to be both a working professional, as well as a super mom and role model for my girls.

My Proudest Moment:

I enjoy seeing others succeed. It is such a rewarding experience to see clients, peers, and people that I have mentored soar with success. Every time I receive an achievement from either graduating or awards, I ensure my twin daughters are right up there with me beaming with pride as I want them to share in the spotlight and know that nothing can hold you back if you are hardworking and determined.

My Biggest Lesson:

Never stop learning and growing. Be a sponge. Always look at how you could do something better the next time and take steps to craft your practice. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or a nudge in the right direction. Don’t be afraid to constantly ask people how you can help them achieve their goals. Always have gratitude.

Life Outside of Xpanxion:

Time with my family in the US and UK, and our multitude of pets, participating in hack-a-thons, gaming, and the endless pursuit of learning.

My Secret Weapon:

If I told you, it would not be a secret :). I never stop learning; I try to be a sponge to all that touches my field of practice. I pursue and take advantage of any training/certification/networking opportunities that are presented to me -- you never know where the adventure will take you.