Our Xpanxion Team

Before joining Xpanxion, Josh owned a marketing and advertising agency in Nashville, TN where he designed and developed web and mobile software applications. Josh held several creative and UX design director positions at other Nashville-area advertising and marketing agencies where he was responsible for formulating digital brand strategies for clients across multiple industries. The Nashville Voyager recognized Josh as an inspirational person in the Nashville area for his local contributions to the community.

Adept at human-centered experience design, Josh is passionate about creativity and believes “every human is a creative artist. Being creative is a defining characteristic of being human; it sets us apart from robots and most other species. If you can think, you can create, and if you can create, you are creative.”

Josh has an associate‘s degree in Applied Science, Digital Animation and Multimedia from the University of Advancing Technology, Tempe, AZ.

C A R E E R   H I G H L I G H T S

  • Creative Director for American bluegrass country singer and musician Alison Krauss
  • Jointly created a children's educational interactive multimedia experience for Compaq Computer Corp. (before computers were a household item)
  • Experiential and design for Bonnaroo Festival
  • Created a highly immersive virtual reality (VR) 7D motion picture experience for LP Building Materials
  • Designed an 8-piece limited-edition silkscreen poster series for American country music singer, songwriter, and record producer Martina McBride
  • Led the design and development of FlexWise, a web and mobile software application comprised of 400+ patterns and components that create an intuitive experience to assist hospitals and healthcare staff with predictive and preemptive scheduling

L I F E   A T   X P A N X I O N 

Joined June 2021

Why I Joined:

I’ve worked in many creative and UX roles throughout my career of 20+ years. Eventually, I realized I no longer wanted to work in the advertising industry. Instead, I decided to apply all my creative energy toward online, mobile, and IoT technologies. I was running my own design firm when presented with the opportunity to work at Xpanxion. At first, I was hesitant to leave my own practice. But once I fully understood Xpanxion’s vision, how they treated their people and their clients, and learned more about the unique opportunity to help grow the UX/UI Practice, the move was no longer a doubt in my mind. I’m thrilled I did.

Why I Stay:

Xpanxion has proven to be constantly open to evolving, a culture of candor and respect. The leadership truly walks the walk when it comes to caring about people, putting family first, and not treating them like just another asset. Xpanxion’s intention to help grow and elevate people is probably the best I’ve seen in my career.

My Proudest Moment:

The birth of my sons.

My Biggest Lesson:

There are so many. I’m not sure I can choose the “biggest.” That said, one of the lessons that continue to stick with me was learned from being an observer on a large project. I learned that even if you have hundreds of years of combined experience in software and building Fortune 500 companies, a simple question to an actual product user can prove everyone wrong. Just because you have time vested in an industry doesn’t always mean you know or have listened to what the user truly wants.

Life Outside of Xpanxion:

Family time with my wife, two sons, dog and two cats, fishing, games (preferably survival and building games)

My Secret Weapon:

I’m a self-aware, empathetic listener.