Gwen Iarussi | Solution Architect & Quality Services Practice Lead

C A R E E R   H I G H L I G H T S

With an MS in Information Systems from the University of Utah and more than 25 years of experience in the global technology industry, Gwen has worked with organizations of many shapes and sizes worldwide to pursue quality outcomes. She’s had the opportunity to lead delivery teams and drive technology projects across a broad set of domains, including eCommerce, Financial Services, and Education, and most recently, the Quality Services practice of close to 100 quality experts at Xpanxion.

L I F E   A T   X P A N X I O N 

Joined August 2021

Why I Joined:

I began my journey with Xpanxion in August of 2021, shortly after a guest speaking opportunity for Xpanxion’s Quality Summit in Salt Lake City.  After learning about Xpanxion’s mission and, specifically, the work they are doing through the SIUX program, I was convinced that this was the next step for my career. Ideally, my first responsibility was to simultaneously build and teach a 4-month SDET curriculum for 13 military veterans transitioning from active service into civilian life. It was definitely a “deep end of the pool” moment and exactly the type of challenge I was looking for to reinvigorate my excitement for quality & delivery.  

Why I Stay:

I thrive in environments that push me intellectually and professionally and provide space for me to make a real impact. At Xpanxion, I have the unique opportunity to utilize my 25+ years of experience and skills in new ways every day while partnering with our clients to solve the problems facing them today. Along the way, I get to broaden my own skill set and experience and help create new formulas that will help set us up for future success as a more extensive quality practice. It’s hard work that is incredibly satisfying and interesting all at the same time.  

My Proudest Moment:

This moment right here… The one I’m in. For me, there isn’t one moment that sums up everything that has made me the person I am today but thousands; and I am proud of the human I am and the leader I strive to be every day for my teams and clients. I also take great pride in the shared achievements with clients and my teams at Xpanxion.  

My Biggest Lesson:

When it comes to making big impacts and influencing big change, timing is everything. This applies both from a personal level as well as a professional one.  

Life Outside of Xpanxion:

I am a single mom of two incredible adult kids, a parrot, and two large rescue pups living in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am a true mountain girl and happiest when surrounded by big trees and fresh air. Since the pandemic started, I decided to try gardening and have fallen in love with growing all things. When I’m not busy at home, I’m usually out capturing randomness with my camera or exploring new places.  

My Secret Weapon:

A queen bee charm was gifted to me during one of the toughest times in my life. I play with it during particularly stressful conversations to help me stay present and focused on solutions and end goals.