There are many reasons why Xpanxion thrives as a partner in solving business problems with technology. Here are some of the main points which distinguish our company, approach and ability.

Accelerated Talent Development

Xpanxion provides accelerated talent development through our innovative Step It Up America program. Through these initiatives we are consistently and uniquely able to train and place qualified people by building the talent pipeline. These programs also emphasize Xpanxion's commitment to investing in our communities and the people within them.

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Delivery Catalysts

  • Bridgepoint
    A proprietary framework based on over 20 years of SDLC experience for structuring client engagements
  • Expedite
    Product development acceleration framework
  • Rest Assured
    Turn-key integratable test automation platform
  • XPX Intelligence
    A catalyst for expediting the product development via best practices and pre-baked frameworks
  • Qubz
    Provides business intelligence at scale that seamlessly interacts with your, on-prem or cloud, EDW
  • SmartOps
    Intelligent process automation platform to streamline operations
  • Development Kits
    Accelerated software libraries to kickstart software projects faster

  • XTAF 
    A tool agnostic framework that aggregates capabilities of multiple test automation tools.

  • Xiomate  
    A solution built to provide all that you require to start developing your Automation Scripts.

  • XZap 
    A security solution that acts as a plugin to any automation framework for exploring security threats and vulnerabilities.

  •  XScale 
    Provides the ability to easily launch, orchestrate, and manage multiple Docker containers as a single unit.

Partnership Focus

  • Long-term partnership
    We are here for the long haul. We are deeply ingrained with our clients. Their concerns are ours as we understand their needs and deliver solutions.

  • Outcome-based delivery models
    In our delivery model, we are interested in the result. Rather than billing based on specific roles and other details, it is based on delivering a joint goal as partners.

  • Skin in the game
    The product of the above two values means that we are here to see our clients succeed. Your success is our success.