Xpanxion has created a journey based on making America truly local. In the company’s two decades of experience in providing custom software services to customers, the focus has always been on rural sourcing. Taking the unique qualities and strong talent pools from each of its five rural locations in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Colorado, Xpanxion creates winning results for its clients across its four service lines – Concept Design & Prototyping, Product & Software Engineering, Assurance Services and Digital Solutions – in local time.

Xpanxion founder, and Nebraska native, Paul Eurek, saw the opportunity to take the Midwest’s high standards of living, great educational centers, well-connected communities, strong work ethic and low cost, and build these pillars into his own business working practices.

The result: Clients support their local community while delivering on their business objectives, ultimately combining scalability from Xpanxion’s offshore team with local support from its rural centers to deliver value-driven results that run on their time.

Acquired by Leading IT Services Provider – UST Global – in 2014

In 2014, Xpanxion became a strategic subsidiary of UST Global – a move that has seen both organizations work together for the common goal of satisfying their unified customer base. Core strengths from both have diversified the client portfolio, offering enhanced services, while putting the customer at the heart of the business remains the top priority for both organizations.

Xpanxion Company Timeline