Xpanxion recognizes that differences in time zones, contrasting cultures, and language and communication barriers can limit business efficiency and significantly increase costs. While budgets for offshore talent might seem compelling, miscommunication can result in missed deadlines, downtime, poorly-executed work and, overall, bad business. In contrast, local hires may seem like the more compelling option but, often, this solution fails to tackle the issue head on.

Pairing is the answer. Peer-to-peer teams, where a domestic developer is paired with an offshore developer, for example, break down communication barriers and enable these co-workers to more readily share information, ask questions and participate in open dialog. The difference is they view each other as peers rather than superiors or subordinates.

The result is a win for our clients. Cross-Sourcing offers our customers the advantages of an offshore team through direct communication with our US-based employees, negating many of the risks to deliver quality-driven projects, on time and in budget.

Bridging the US Skills Gap

One of the biggest challenges for us and our customers is finding qualified technical employees to work at a customers’ US office or at one of our US rural centers. By working closely with our parent company, UST Global, we pioneered 2 programs: 1) Step It Up America to source and train candidates in specific skills for eventual placement at customers’ US offices; 2) SIUA Rural to source and train candidates in general foundational skillsets for careers at our US rural centers. These programs not only alleviate the typical industry burden of finding qualified technical employees, but greatly benefit the individuals as well as the communities in which we operate.

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