Xpanxion was born in 1997 and our journey has been epic. For the past 20 years, we have come to the office every day to solve the biggest digital problems that stand between you and your customers.

Often our clients have stumbled upon something that prevents them from delivering what their customers need, or are unsure what that might be, and we take the journey with them to provide those awesome customer experiences that will, in turn, generate business growth, in the rapidly changing digital world.

Of course, 20 years is a long time and digital problems in 1997 are very different to digital problems today. This is why we are best placed to help: we have learned, evolved and future-proofed our business, while bringing business success to countless clients, across all sectors, to offer you our expertise and help you do the same.

Our Vision

Be a trusted digital technology solutions and innovation partner to our customers

Our Mission

To catalyze our customers‘ growth with enriching consumer experiences and future-ready products

To embody a values-driven entrepreneurial and high-performance culture‚Äč in our employees

To develop our communities into self-sustaining, technology-enabled ecosystems

Our Values

Honesty, Accountability, Innovation and Excellence