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Growing Through Cross-Sourcing

  • Xpanxion’s unique cross-sourcing model relieves the nervousness that can sometimes come with the idea of outsourcing. You get access to your own unique blend of on-site, US-based rural, and offshore talent that can help you take the next major step in technology. When you need workers, you outsource. And when you need to expand your technical capabilities, you partner with Xpanxion.
  • Let’s Talk Rural Sourcing: We pioneered it. We are not talking about sourcing talent from the uninhabited countryside. We are talking about top-talent, strategically placed in rural communities throughout the United States. Our carefully selected locations include unparalleled training and education programs, collegiate institutions with robust technical degree opportunities, strong economic development and city support, close proximity to airports for ease of travel, lower costs of living, high quality of life, and unmatched work ethic. Xpanxion’s scalable Midwest and Mountain locations offer colleagues who will seem more like family from the time they engage in your project.