Work for a company that you can be proud of and be a part of something great.


We built our own IT communities where information is shared openly and freely. Xpanxion is proud to have the best and brightest as part of our family who want to share their expertise while learning yours. Share your experiences and achievements with someone who appreciates them, and leverage the talent of the entire organization to help you succeed.


Build software at a software company. It’s hard to realize your potential in a small IT department at a company focused in another industry. Hone your craft with full service verticals in development, quality assurance, business intelligence, project management and more.

Collaborate with combined teams from our offices across the globe to produce quality, cost-effective software.

Work directly with our clients from the comfort of our offices to provide software solutions to their business.

Complete multiple enterprise level projects with a variety of our clients, including many of those in the Fortune 1000, all under one roof.


  • Don’t wait for your boss to retire. With our growth, we are putting together new teams non-stop, meaning endless opportunities no matter where you are in your career. Entry-level to the most senior of roles, you can do it all under the Xpanxion umbrella.

  • Move through the ranks faster – every Xpanxion employee is focused on information technology not some other industry. This means more growth and learning opportunities for you in the field you care about, software.

  • Don’t get stuck in a rut. Become an expert in your field. Other companies have one tech stack, one set of tools, one process. You can’t learn if you don’t do something different. Add breadth and depth to your knowledge.


We play all the cards to get our people the training they need and want. Our training program isn’t just for new hires – in the tech industry all employees junior to senior constantly need to evolve. We recognize that and focus on keeping skill sets relevant.

Internal Training Courses – Learn advanced material for your position or even for other roles.

Cross Training – Learn hands on with our experts.

Certifications – we will pay for relevant certifications to your work.

External Training and Coursework – we bring trainers on-site and send you to school for relevant classes.

Work in a team based atmosphere. We keep things casual with open floor plans, game rooms, and lounges. Infused with energy and enthusiasm, our workplaces are social, interactive environments where people can communicate freely and easily.


See yourself in NEBRASKA

Sitting in traffic sucks, we know. Get the conveniences of a city without the hassles – by living where we do. We find that college towns are cultural and entertainment packed hubs that foster fun, energetic, safe and lively communities for ourselves and our employees. All of our locations are routinely ranked as the best places to live in the country, so it’s no accident that we are here. We choose to live and work in what we believe are the best places on Earth, and we do it all without sacrificing our career goals. At Xpanxion, you get a big city job with impactful, meaningful and fulfilling work where you can grow.


Don't be left in the dark! Xpanxion maintains a policy of transparency within the entire organization, and the open door policy ensures that the voices of all employees are heard. So speak up! We love opinions and new ideas. The company holds "all-hands" monthly and quarterly meetings to discuss the organization's finances, initiatives, happenings, and vision.

Our CEO sits in a pod just like any other employee. Not hidden in an office.


Over 90% of our interns we ever hired have become full time employees.

In our paid college internship program, candidates are paired with senior employees to assist on real projects that have global impact with Fortune 500 companies. Work around your school schedule so you can stay with us throughout the year. Gain awesome experiences, have fun, get your career rolling, and earn some money on the side.