Xpanxion Talent Management

When it comes to sourcing candidates, there is no silver bullet, but multiple initiatives and strategies together can provide a cohesive talent management solution. At Xpanxion, we do just this by leveraging multiple approaches to supplement our talent needs from every direction.

Our strategy centers around building the appropriate distribution and mix of resources ranging from those fresh out of college to experts and consultants and providing a framework to support them. All levels of resources are necessary and in high demand, and as such we have developed these strategies to support our needs and allow us to scale and grow without sacrificing quality or customer experience. Like a well orchestrated symphony all aspects of Xpanxion complement each other ranging from how we chose our locations and how we recruit, to our training to internship programs.

Xpanxion Talent Management Overview

Xpanxion Center of Excellence

Utilizing the Xpanxion Center of Excellence, we maintain quality and provide a shared framework that establishes leadership, process, best practices, accelerators, research, tools, training, and support to optimize our services across the organization. Having this established framework improves product quality, improves time to market, and lowers costs, but for the complexities of the common enterprise, our CoE has become an essential asset to function and achieve business objectives.

Training & Development

Behind the power of our Center of Excellence is our employee support system. Using a variety of methods, we provide through training, support, evaluation, mentoring, and ultimately career growth. Xpanxion has long supported organic growth initiatives and to promote within. We believe our employees should see a long-term career at Xpanxion with the ability to grow and providing our employees the tools to achieve those goals. Throughout our employees’ tenures, we have a thorough support system that amplifies technical skills during onboarding, during projects, to advance, or even just to fill a technical skill gap. Through this, we have found that well supported and knowledgeable employees goes hand-in-hand with satisfied clients and excellence in our delivery.

Our Locations

When choosing the best places to do rural outsourcing, we focused on key success factors to ensure our ability to hire, attract, and retain the top candidates in the field. All of our locations are in cities and towns with large state universities. This was done for many reasons. Not only does it position us well to acquire fresh talent, these locations also host tech communities with large, seasoned candidate pools. Additionally, our towns are culturally vibrant locations with high standards of living and high levels of desirability, allowing us to attract talent nationwide.

Just-in-Time Recruiting

We maintain best-in-class recruiting strategies to ensure we have the right resources at the right time. We call it Just-in-Time Recruiting. To maintain our standards and achieve our incredible timelines, we have built a massive network of qualified pipelined candidates with whom we have built relationships. We bring on candidates when we have found the perfect role and at the exact time needed. The results speak for themselves.

Our recruiting engine, paired with our internal training, support and deliver models allow us to handle any engagement and to scale quickly and seamlessly.


Xpanxion’s X-Hire program is a factory training model that is two pronged and targets two pools of community members. First is to provide opportunities to under-privileged candidates such as low income, low education, minorities, & single parents through training and placement into high-demand jobs in the IT industry. Second is to also target candidates that have attained a college degree in a non-traditional field who are unemployed or under-employed.

Through this program, Xpanxion has developed its own unique way to find and train qualified professionals to fill current and future project needs.  Candidates spend 90 days going through a rigorous hands-on training program with a thorough and balanced curriculum. The proven program takes individuals without an IT background and provides them the necessary skill-set to successfully become job ready and ready for placement in software development project teams. Target roles vary, however most candidates are pushed down technical career paths where they are needed most, and have been successfully able to adapt to roles that rely on heavy coding such as automation or development. At the end of the 90 days, the X-Hire candidates graduate by completing their coursework and obtaining industry standard third-party certifications. Next they are placed into development teams and follow career path progressions like any other Xpanxion employee.

Despite its humble beginnings and somewhat philanthropic nature, the X-Hire program never cuts corners or compromises on quality. A rigorous recruiting process and aggressive training, education, and mentoring program ensures X-Hire resources are able to provide best-in-class capabilities for all client engagements.

Benefits of X-Hire

While the benefits to the individual are obvious, X-Hire drives additional benefits to Xpanxion and its clients.

  1. 1.
    The newly developed candidate pool that X-Hire provides adds scalability, and reduces engagement and ramp-up times. It allows Xpanxion to become even more nimble and the ability to serve clients even better. Additionally, clients can enjoy lower cost structures while enjoying the same level of quality as they could always expect from Xpanxion.
  2. 2.
    Xpanxion’s ability to bring in non-traditional candidates under this program and develop their skills has been a great success.  Now, without the limitation of only considering technically qualified candidates, Xpanxion can now choose candidates on a variety of other non-technical factors including cultural fit, communication skills, and high aptitude to learn. This provides the most well-rounded employees and allows Xpanxion to focus on hiring for skills that are often untrainable
  3. 3.
    The X-Hire program helps lift team satisfaction by providing opportunities to people who might not have previously had access to these types of opportunities . Xpanxion understands that happy employees are employees that deliver superior client value and stay for the long term. This builds loyalty and long-term employees from the start, and is a major goal of the X-Hire program.
  4. 4.
    X-Hire additionally provides much needed “liquidity” to an intentional bench and provides additional flexibility to Xpanxion’s other resourcing programs like “Up or Out” and the “Anchor Program”. These programs allow other resources to transition to other Xpanxion engagements in a strategic fashion but require some level of bench to operate as intended. X-Hires added to the bench keep bench costs down and provide the necessary manpower to keep transitions moving fluidly.

University & Secondary Education Partnership

To facilitate our growth, we thoroughly leverage university relations to attract the best talent from regional colleges and universities. To take best advantage of the talent pools that universities provide, we have located all of our office locations in communities that have a large university and have built strong relations with these institutions along with those that are in our region.

Xpanxion has established formal relationships with 20+ major universities and multiple other regional colleges and community colleges. Bolded universities are located in the same community as an Xpanxion office in which we have extended and deeper relations.

For all our partner universities, we have established formal relations with their career services departments. First, we leverage each university’s respective job posting outlets. Second, and perhaps most importantly, we build relations with any sort of placement service the institution may provide where candidates are pushed directly to our recruiting function. These activities have proven to be highly productive in filling our candidate pipelines.

For universities that are bolded above, or in the same community as one an Xpanxion office, we have extended relations that go much further to take full advantage of the relationship. Given that the presence of the universities are typically large drivers for selecting those communities as office locations, we take multiple additional steps outside of job boards and placement services. Below is a list of common activities that Xpanxion participates in as part of our university relations strategy for these institutions.

Our efforts have allowed us to maintain memorable relations with the universities as a whole, as well as faculty and the student body. As a result, our pipelines for entry level roles are massive allowing us to pick the best interns and best employees for Xpanxion, and improve our scalability capabilities.

Step IT Up America

Step IT Up America, a UST Global national program, provides a vital formula to train and employ inner-city minority women. It equips them with the technological skills to launch successful IT careers.

Step IT Up America’s vision is to create 5,000 new jobs for Inner City Women and Girls to ender tech careers by 2020 and our immediate commitment is to train and employ 1,000 inner-city women in ten of the nation’s largest cities. Within those cities, the program will reach 50 communities across America to train an employ hundreds of minority women each year.

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