What is Rural Outsourcing?

America’s jobs have been outsourced for decades to overseas companies to lower wage resources, and is a trend that many companies feel they need to follow to be competitive. A trend that has resulted in a job loss for US workers. We have reversed that trend with rural outsourcing. Xpanxion pioneered this approach over 10 years ago by establishing a domestic rural workforce that brings cost savings and the benefits of retaining an American workforce.


This is how Xpanxion delivers Rural Outsourcing

Experienced Staff to Anchor Teams
20 Years
Over 20 Years as an Enterprise Service Provider
Employee Development
Employee Development & Training Programs
Advanced Recruiting & Screening Processes
Massive Scalability
Massive Scalability & Reproducibility
10 Years
Over 10 Years Operating Rural Outsourcing Centers
Industry Leading COE
Industry Leading COE Structures & Processes
90% Client Satisfaction
Over 90% Client Satisfaction Rate & 100% Referenceable
Experience Key Benefits

We are committed to creating American jobs and returning IT employment back to the US. This is why we established Rural Outsourcing. We have also implemented a talent management initiatives that transform individuals into highly skilled affordable American workers, both for the benefit of your company, but also the American economy, giving you a value added and factory-line approach that high priced consultant agencies cannot match. It’s because rural Americans are available and ready to work, and aren’t burdened by the same language barriers, cultural differences, time zones, and logistical barriers that faces workers offshore. It also brings an American business-minded problem-solving approach that can solve complex IT problems much more efficiently. Also, with the rural American work ethic and values, resources experience higher retention which keep recruiting and hiring costs minimized. Our employees have access to expert training and development programs that ensure the most qualified in the field. The brightest employees are selected via rigorous recruitment screenings for aptitude and behavior, and once onboard are provided educational onboarding programs, continued education, and much more. All of this is designed to provide our clients the most to succeed with our services.

Industry Leading Outcomes

The value, quality, and ability to deliver by rural resources should not be under-estimated. We have invested in establishing curated Centers of Excellence for all of our practices. Additionally, we hire and retain best in field employees and subject matter experts which enforce an ability to deliver high-end services that would rival any expensive firm. Here are some of our services:

Outsourcing from the Heartland

Xpanxion has invested in five Rural Outsourcing centers across four states in the middle of America. Here, we find that people choose and want to live in these communities, but often lack access to the global marketplace. We have bridged that gap pushing opportunity to the people that want them, and tapping into previously unused talent pools. Not only do our locations rank among the highest in the nation in livability and quality of life, they offer lower cost of living, and all are home to major universities and education centers where we pull and cultivate the most qualified resources.

Why Choose Xpanxion?

Xpanxion provides an existing rural network that leverages an aggregate of over 3.4 million people. Additionally, utilizing over 10 years of experience, we have established a factory line model of establishing new centers in 30 days or less to tap into new and additional population centers. This provides us ultimate scalability while still maintaining low operational costs that we pass on to our clients.

Stability & Quality

We also develop team structures that work. All of our project teams are designed to operate independently and in self-sufficient capacities while utilizing the support of the organization when needed. Teams are anchored by experienced staff who ensure quality delivery of services and we mix with appropriate junior resources to provided a blended cost rate to make prices even more attractive versus other vendors.

Strategic Partnerships

Perhaps most importantly, we focus on solving business problems, not only tactical issues. We meet with clients and understand their pain points on an IT consulting level to discover, discuss, and provide real solutions that will address complex issues.


Cost Advantages
Cost Advantages Over Metro Areas
Same Cultural Background
Same Cultural Background
American Cognitive
American Cognitive Problem Solving Mindset
Stability Predictability
Stability Predictability & Quality Outcomes
No Language Barriers
No Language Barriers
Similar Time Zones
Similar Time Zones
Strong Work Ethic & Values
Strong Work Ethic & Values
Directly Support the American Economy
Directly Support the American Economy
A Sourcing Strategy That Works

At Xpanxion, we use a comprehensive resourcing strategy because having the right people, with the right skills, at the right time, is key to any project’s success.


Xpanxion’s X-Hire program is a factory training model that serves as a tool to supplement our scalability that transforms high aptitude candidates to best-in-class performers. A rigorous recruiting process and aggressive training, education, and mentoring program ensures X-Hire resources are able to provide top-notch capabilities for all client engagements.

Just In Time Recruiting

We utilize the most effective recruiting practices to help us grow. With thorough screenings, assessments, and interviews we fill our recruiting pipeline with qualified candidates and onboard them at the most opportune time. With our processes, we cut our recruiting and ramp-up cycles by weeks.

Core & Flex Model

Get the best of both worlds with teams that have both stability and flexibility. A solid core team of experienced staff establishes project specific domain expertise and maintains a knowledge management system. Flex the team up and down to accommodate bandwidth needs – no longer worry about having the right resources at the right time.