You have data. We put it to work.

In today’s ever-growing competitive market, you need to make strategic decisions based on objective information, rather than conjecture. Through our Business Intelligence and Analytics services, we help your organization make these informed decisions, working smarter and with greater efficiency.

Whether you have a mature Business Intelligence practice or are building it from the ground-up, we have the knowledge and systems in place to grow your Business Intelligence practice.

Building an Effective Business Intelligence Practice

Our approach begins with a top-down engagement, learning what needs your organization must meet in order to be successful, as well as thoroughly understanding your data structures and backend systems. The expert team at Xpanxion works alongside your team in collaborative meetings, reviews and planning, setting appropriate targets and goals strategically designed to meet your objectives.

With this information, we build and implement a custom roadmap, created to leverage your current systems and build new processes, culminating in a Business Intelligence practice that converts your raw data into consumable outputs. Since your source data can exist anywhere and in a variety of formats, your Business Intelligence practice should be flexible in working with these conditions.

Whether your data exists in an ERP, CRM or POS system, or even in spreadsheets, we create a process that validates, cleans, transforms, aggregates, and loads your data where it can be used by Business Intelligence and Analysis tools to help you achieve your objectives.


We work with tools across platforms and tech stacks. If you are building a new Business Intelligence practice, we will help your team select the most effective tools, based on functional capability, needed support, system integration, and desired presentation. Business Intelligence tools we use include:

  • Statistical Analysis Software (SAS)
  • Oracle Enterprise BI Server
  • SAP Business Objects Enterprise
  • Microsoft BI platform
  • IBM Cognos
  • QlikView


In conjunction with these tools, we employ our deep knowledge of data marts and database platforms – a combination that is key for proper execution. We utilize relational databases in our services, including:

  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • IBM DB2, Netezza
  • Teradata
  • Sybase
  • MySQL


Once we have your data converted into a consumable output, we provide that output and corresponding analysis – including transformations, and correlations to trends and forecasting – in an easily-reviewed format that may include:

  • OLAP Analysis
  • Data Mining
  • Data Visualization
  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Alerts

We understand the importance of accurate data; we also provide Business Intelligence and Analytics Testing services. This testing focuses on validation and verification to ensure data integrity, and is built on the same principles as our Quality Assurance services, so you get results you can trust.