BridgePoint is our proprietary development methodology that we created to implement formal processes that work in nearly any situation and environment. BridgePoint itself is an Agile iterative based approach that not only addresses individual releases, but entire projects and engagements with clients as a whole. What makes the approach unique is the flexibility. We realize that all clients, projects, and situations are distinctive and need to be treated appropriately. If starting a practice from scratch, we can help you fully utilize BridgePoint to wholly lay the foundation for a successful IT department. Conversely, if your enterprise processes are already in place, we will only use that parts of BridgePoint that makes sense. Its modular design allows us to pick and choose the appropriate methodologies, and insert them to fill the holes that may exist. The overall goal is to integrate and improve, not mandate a process if it’s not necessary.

The market is evolving and so are our processes. BridgePoint 3.0 is our latest version as we constantly keep our implementation practices up to date and relevant. A high level flowchart makes it clear for all team members to be on the same page and to easily engage. Swim lanes provide clear outlines of timelines, roles, and responsibilities. Furthermore, guidelines, templates, approval processes, and other artifacts are all available to give teams the structure they need to focus on the work to be done.