At Xpanxion, our focus is using custom software services to solve our clients' problems and to help them meet their strategic goals. By taking the time to listen to our customers and understand their needs, we determine how Xpanxion's unique model can best meet those needs and create a comprehensive, cost-effective strategy for doing so.

While other companies provide staffing, we are a true software services organization, a long-term partner providing solutions and efficiently managing your software needs. Customers with high-touch, hands-on needs find those needs met through our placement of onsite team members to serve as in-house project experts and a central point-of-contact. Our offshore resources allow us to leverage a vast and knowledgeable talent pool, while easily scaling to meet customer objectives - and reducing our customers' financial burdens.

In addition to our attention to detail and focus on quality, the continuous updating of our employees’ skills and embracing new technologies gives us a unique competitive advantage.


Our unique Cross Sourcing model - combining onshore and offshore talent in Agile development teams – and software product engineering heritage allows us to leverage the scalability and cost-effectiveness of offshore resources while meeting the quality and communication standards expected by our clients. This peer-to-peer combination solves complicated business issues, including attrition, communication, and employee job satisfaction.


We’re able to work in any software development life cycle (SDLC); however, when it makes sense for the project, we tend to favor Agile development practices, properly following DevOps principles that provide value in projects. Not content to simply use the same old SDLC practices, we created our own proprietary SDLC process known as BridgePoint. BridgePoint is an Agile, iterative process that works well across all industries and tech stacks, allowing us to customize SDLC to fit your project. We integrate with your IT department; if you need direction, we’re glad to help along the way.


Keeping your information secure is our highest priority. Our policies and procedures reflect this – with certified IT staff able to meet your security requirements and accommodate special requests, and our ISO 27001-certified office in India, our global network is at your disposal, and your data is safe. At Xpanxion, we implement and maintain a comprehensive information security framework that adheres to the following security principles:

  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Availability


Our Midwestern offices were among the first of what became a much larger movement known as rural sourcing. Rural sourcing is the leveraging of strong, technical talent located outside major metropolitan areas. Choosing locations in talent-rich and economical rural U.S. communities allows us to capitalize on the high standard of living, great educational centers, well-connected communities, and strong work ethic frequently found in the middle of the country. Each of our rural offices is located in a thriving educational and cultural hub, utilizing – and often, bringing – the best and the brightest to our communities.


Our state-of-the-art offshore delivery center, located in the heart of Pune, India, is positioned in the city’s large technology and software hub. Thanks to the hub’s rapid development – and the city’s position as an IT leader in India – Pune’s pool of technical talent is continually growing as more and more IT professionals relocate to the city in search of compelling and fulfilling work. Happy to provide work that is both compelling and fulfilling, we hire the best local talent and focus on retaining it. Turnover, lack of expertise, lack of domain knowledge, security, and communication are all issues that often plague offshore centers; however, we have successfully navigated those obstacles, allowing us to effectively provide excellent customer services.