The story of Xpanxion began long before its foundation. Our President and founder, Paul Eurek originally started a venture in 1990 called Compris Technologies. This innovative company was the first mover in touchscreen point-of-sale systems and specialized in distributing its systems to an impressive array of clients that included McDonalds, Disney, YUM! Brands, and Wendy’s. While the touchscreen hardware was important to the company’s success, those at Compris found a masterful ability to build custom software for its customers to operate on the units. Each client had unique needs and circumstances and client satisfaction was necessary for continued success. Growth was immense, and over a short amount of time, Compris had quickly become a global company, operating in over 30 countries and all 50 states before it was eventually purchased by National Cash Register (NCR) in 1997.

Due to Compris’ leadership having the innate ability to develop high quality software efficiently, Eurek agreed to continue to service the software side of the touchscreen systems for NCR under the name of a new company – a company that specializes in custom software development services. Thus, Xpanxion was born in 1997.



Similar to Compris, Xpanxion grew at an alarming pace. Our company operated its headquarters in Alpharetta, Georgia and had an offshore office in Pune, India, but Eurek knew something was still missing. With client satisfaction being paramount, Eurek constantly sought ways to improve customer experience because a pure offshore model brought complications that are nearly unavoidable – time-zone differences, contrasting cultures, high turnover, and language barriers are all huge hurdles that could negatively impact our clientele.

The solution? Cross Sourcing.

Through some experimentation, it was quickly found that mixing onshore and offshore resources – developer with developer, QA analyst with QA analyst – actually increased productivity across the board yet still yielded the financial incentives that makes offshore so appealing. Eurek began opening offices based in the talent-rich yet cost-effective Midwest to mix with offshore teams. Satisfaction soared as clients now enjoyed the benefits of an offshore team, with highly mitigated risks while working directly with our onshore counterparts.


Once the Cross Sourcing advantage was realized, we began our spread into the untapped Midwest. Why here? We love it here and our employees do too. It’s because the Midwest is known for its high standard of living, great educational centers, well-connected communities, strong work ethic, and low cost. Being a Nebraska native himself, founder Paul Eurek understood and valued these attributes. These reasons made the decision simple, and as a result Xpanxion’s first rural office was opened near Eurek’s hometown in Kearney, Nebraska in 2006. After quick growth, additional locations were subsequently open in Loup City, Nebraska; Ames, Iowa; Manhattan, Kansas; Fort Collins, Colorado; and Lincoln, Nebraska.

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In 2014, Xpanxion moved under the UST Global umbrella and currently operates as a subsidiary. This exciting transition has brought about a synergy that strategically leverages strengths of both organizations that helps push us towards our primary mission: satisfied clients. With both companies working together, we have a more diversified service portfolio that can better meet all of our clients’ needs while keeping our focus on customer service.
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